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Current SOS election dialogues. Be sure to check the past week for recent posts.

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002


I sent emails to the sign-ups who checked off the right boxes at the fund raiser, a total of 11, including 5 couples. The text is below:

Dear -----,

Thank you very much for your support. I want to invite you to the next SOS meeting, this Thursday, at Marino & Mary Sue DíOrazioís house. The directions are below.

We plan to begin distribution of our brochures and our roadside signs at this meeting, as well as lots of critical organizing.

Hope to see you there, Curry Rinzler, SOS veep


16 Park Drive, Woodstock 679 2528

Park Drive is off Maverick Road, about halfway between rt 28 and rt 375. If youíre coming from rt 28, itís a left turn. Itís the 4th house on the right, a white ranch with a green roof.

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

I sent a letter (okayed by Jim) to Ann Gentilin, President of ONTEA. I requested their support and after a conversation with Ann feel very positive that they do support our candidates. They may not be able to give a sum of money, like OTA, but they can ask union members to give personally and they can help with signs, phone calling etc. and get the word out. Ann was cute. When she asked me who SOS supported and I told her she said "Oh good, I don't have to hang up the phone and end this conversation". It felt good. Thank you Tobe for your help;)

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

Tomorrow night is BOE meeting at phoenicia..budget and other interesting things...such as the lawyer feldman will be there to report on his preliminary findings...hmmmm...Also softball field is back on the agenda...seems there might be some drainage or oriebntation problaems.

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2002

Happy to see the press release on SOS candidates made it into today's (Wed.'s) Freeman...finally...Laurel must have beat them upside the head to get them to run this:-) bravo. Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2002

We got off to a great start on Sunday! Thanks to Neil and all the musicians, John Parete and the staff, the candidates, all the SOS stalwarts, and all the attendees !!!!!!

BOE Wed 7pm at Phoenecia: The Feldman Report, the budget, etc.

SOS Meeting this Thursday 7pm at Marinoís

Iím having 2 wisdom teeth out Thursday afternoon and itís likely I wonít be at the meeting, so this is what I want to say:

Campaign Organization

The candidates will circulate at a high level, doing the rounds of meetings and shows, operating as a group and seperately, showing up on the street when they can.

The AdCom will be cranking out amazing newspaper ads.

Everyone will be distributing signs and brochures, postcards, and raising more $$$$$

Also for everyone: Stumping on the Street. This is easily organized by town, and guess what, we already have Town Coordinators as follows:

West Hurley: Laurel Olive: Anne Marie & Pat Shandaken: Melissa Woodstock: Curry & Bruce (?)

The ToCos will organize volunteers, get in touch with local groups (starting with the PTA), coordinate street campaigning, and then: get out the vote !!!

However much time each of us can spend: campaigning on the street of your own town is so effective, and itís fun, too.

Yeah, letís stop going to meetings and get out on the street, yeah!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2002

I couldn't attend last nights meeting...what happened concerning Feldman? Anything else significant?

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

Feldfman was in exec session...so no word..thye did hire the Bullis audit firm to do "forensic" audting, loking bnack for something un- named/

The big news was, as the Freenman put it today, "apparent" approval of the softball field by State ED. Some confusion exists, and it reamins to be seen if Doan told them the whole truth..I already spotted one or two disparities in his faxed info...but this may not be of importance to state ed...we'll see...even though there were complaints about the field's placement and drainage, and the board voted to klet the facilities committee look at it, it's a victory for JD and he'll trumpet it, to our chagrin...

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

It should be noted that Mr. Doan annonced his letter from State Ed in a most humiliating way for Chuck Snyder. Chuck was working with an SED person who was assigned to work with Onteora. Mr. Doan went above that persons head to get approval and revealed that after Chuck stated that there was no word from SED. Based on conversations and correspondance with Mr. Doan this person gave approval. It all smells funny and I would ne surprised if it doesn't come up again with SED.

Mr Doan publically denied asking the girls softball team to attend the meeting much to their shock. Janet nelson accused him of being a liar and persued him at the break asking him "Why did you lie, Joe?" He told her to leave him alone and a small shoving occurred at the coffee table (which by the way had a great selection). Mr. Doan and his few supporters touted Doan as a great hero in the softball field fiasco. I got into it with Kim Maoris who was telling the yopung girls to let their parents know it was Mr. Doan and remeber him on election day. I accused her of electioneering on school property when Mr. Doan asked if I was a lawyer now. I got into his face and said "No you're the lawyer, and the engineer and not even a good one at that". I was lost it and was yelling at him. I accused him of not being registered as an engineer when he acted as one. and I called him inept.

I apologize for losing my temper but I had it with his lies.

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

First of all, I misssed the yopung girls at last nights' meeting. Maybe I was paying too much attention to the food.

Yes, Doe Joan finessed us on the softball field last night. At the FacCom meeting this am, I'll tread lightly on this issue. It remains to be seen if things are what he says.....

This is like a chess match. We don't win every move, but we'll win the game because we have more players.

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

and better players..alrady there are things we have uncovered...Doan claims the fax arrived at 4:30PM...yesterday...the date on the fax in Tuesday...did he hide it for a day? I bet he did, so he could humiliate chuck and spring a surprise.

Maybe Janet'll write a simple letter to the editor about the events that happened, and naming Doan as a liar.

I will bring videos to the meeting tonight if anyone wants to see any...I am ready to go with these 2 tapes, unless the softball field ending should (?) be updated...let's see how this develops.

I still take great exception to his characterization of the dirt piles as high grade topsoil...maybe some photos of a pile that really is top grade and a picture of the piles at the field/...hmmm..digital camera anyone?? He claims that it might be worth 6000-9000 dollars...I say 700 - 1000...we need an expert to tell us what it's worth.

Other discrepencies in his info to state ed...he says field cost $15,000. That does not include additional fencing for safety, (will this tall fence be a state ed issue? Tom??

He says a gradall @ $800 was used one day, and it was billed for two.Did he authorize payment to the equipment company for work not done? Or did he simply leave out the expense by "accident"... I have the expenditures of the first $15,000...including the infield mix ($8400)Is this a usual cost for a girls softball field? etc. etc.

The brochures arrived today and do look corrected. whew... stay tuned. Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

Ontea has (or will) endorse our three beauties and kick in some spare change. Go team. PS Doan was particularly nasty last night.TO the architect, to baraba Boyce, to Marino. To Janet Nelson in the back hall.

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

Darn...I missed SOS meeting. I have 2nd job and had to work. Let me know if anything important.

I get the impression things got very hot at board meeting. Be careful everyone. Doan is definately going to be nastier if he feels treatened. Take that as a "good thing". He actually may realize he might not win! Imagine: what would he do with his time if he isn't on the board? Sadly, live with himself.

We're doing a great job. People are noticing and want a change.

It must have been hot as hell in than Cafetoriom last night!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

good meeting tonight at marino and Mary Sue's. Thanks for the hospitality. Yard signs and brochures were made available, as were the drafts of the Doan/Ostrander Record that we are compiling. Yard signs are available at Tobe & Meg's, Marino's, Jim's, and Curry's so far...we need a Phoenicia place for people to get signs. Next week the candidates will be official and we'll be ready to go.

Slow and steady with the signs, building momentum.

Ad crunch time is coming...with insert materials for the Freeman due by next Friday.

OTA and ONtea are supporting us with money and workers..Bravo Keep on keepin' on! Tobe

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

OTA has comitted to make a contribution of $3000 ($1K/candidate)! They will endorse our candidates in their literature as well. Teacher Susan Rosen of Woodstock will be the PR person at OTA and is looking forward to coordinating additional media with us. Thanks OTA!!

ONTEA is rumoured to have endorsed our candidates as well with a rumour of funds as well. We'll see soon BUT special thanks and kudos go to Melissa Reebock for spearheading this effort.

We have been going great and when these monies become real we will have enough funding to comfortably move forward. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and commitment. We have just over one month to complete our task so it is important to stay focused. It will be very difficult with long and gruelling hours for the candidates. We must be sensitive to their needs and always try to make them comfortable with background info and comfort physically and spiritually.

But I am confident we will soon be proud of our collaborative efforts.

Think of good locations with high visibility for larger signs to be made soon. Route 28, 375, 214, 212...any good busy intersections that anyone has contacts with land. Let us know and we will persue the locations for larger signage. Stay aware of any meetings taking place and community events that the candidates can make an appearance. This is very important! Post it here so we can plan. The Onteora Orchestra is having the benefit concert Friday night. There is a Roast Beef dinner in Samsonvile on Saturday.

Special thanks to everyone staying focused on the agenda so far. It is a huge commitment of time and energy and I want to thank everyone for all the hard work. It will be worth it, I assure you. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

Great concert at the school last night! Between the combined talents of the kids and parents, I think it was one of the best shows the school has ever put on. (If I do say so myself). But seriously...we all had a great time. Kathy was there...very visible, and I couldnt have had more exposure so it was a good campaign night as well. What an amazing area we live in. In my mind, events like last night are what it's all about in terms of bringing the community together. What a talented bunch of people we have around here. It never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway...I met with Peter Kraft yesterday and he hasnt put together anything himself yet (we'll see if he gets it together or not) but he had a good suggestion to contact the guy in Pine Hill who organized the Dem movement against Gitter, and was really the one who rallied the votes to get the Dems in power. I think he said his name was Adam Nagle...or something like that...but he's sending me his phone number. Also Mary Herrman..also from Pine Hill. I know her a little...but if anyone else does..let me know.

I had my first negative letter in the Freeman Friday...so I guess I'm official!! I think that guy is a nut anyway...so I'm flattered. If anyone cares to comment on it...he quotes my letter to the editor. He stops the quote before I say that quality education and fiscal responsibility are not mutually exclusive, so anyone is welcome to point that out. I'm not going to get into a letter writing thing with him at this point though.

That's about it.

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2002

I saw the last half of the benefit concert last night. Neil really burned up that keyboard with his passionate playing.

I'm just here overnight, have to go back to NY for the book fair we're doing this weekend, and will be very tied up for the next few days afterward. Someone will need to start a new week's "question" tomorrow morning, and seed it with an answer so it gets onto the active list.

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2002


I'm lining up private homes for candidates to introduce themselves, hand out signs, brochures and talk. I spoke with Kathy Hochman and Marino. Neil please call me to coordinate. I'm attempting to line up 6 houses, one in each shandaken area. So far, the week of April 29th is best including Saturday, May 4th, Sunday May 5th and Saturday May 11th. (May 12 is Mother's Day). Certain days in week of May 6 is possible. The weekdays would be 6-8pm. The idea is to do 2 houses in one day on weekend, 3-5pm and 6-8pm. Candidtate get back to me so we can pin dates down.

I only just started today and everyone seems happy to offer their homes, but need to talk to partner, check calendar etc. Candidates please give me feed back. Cruickshank is only definate so far. I'll try to make an evening event 6-8 on same day, May 5th if all agree. Once people get back to me this week it will come together. I have call into Pine Hill couple who are very interested.

Here's what I have so far:

Phoenicia village Pat & Elizabeth Kern Calling back to confirm

Woodland Valley Ralph & MJ Reiss " " "

Broadstreet Hollow Joe & Nancy Michaels " " "

Mt. Tremper Jeff & Sarah Harden " " "

Chichester Calandra Cruickshank May 5th Sunday 3-5pm

Pine Hill -still finding home- maybe Pine Hill Indian Restaurant?

I also have many names of people who will help distribute information. On 28 I have 4 private property sites secured for signs. One at bottom of Broadstreet Hollow where Tom & Meg had a big sign last election...I'm waiting for other 3 to call back and I'm sure they'll say yes. Who do I talk to about large signs?

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2002

Thank you Morty for voter registration list in shandaken. It's perfect! ooops. I'm not sure why previous submission got all squished.

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2002

Melissa< are you interested in having 100 signs and stands for Phoenicia...I have 100 here that would love to find a home with you or Elizabeth as a distribution point for Shandaken.

100 signs are here in Glenford 100 in West Hurley at Marino's 100 at Curry's in Woodstock 200 with Jim in W Shokan

I think it might be prudent to call the candidates to arrange for dates, etc, since the bbs is not always up and Kathy still struggles with it.


-- Anonymous, April 20, 2002

Melissa: Jim was talking about arranging for large signs.

On the political front, i predict Joe Doan will do something dramatic like charges against Hal or a legal maneuver to try and grab headlines. The other scenario involves rushing the softball field to completion before anyone at SED sees how he hoodwinked them, and then stage a big opening celebration...

Is it me, or is it true that CARE has no presence in this campaign? Is Tom Clare still working for J Doan? Any rumors on signs being printed, or what not.

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2002

Week of April 21

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2002

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