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Hello, friends, I've just come into possession of quite a few Brownie accessories (also perfectly good for other simple cameras of other make) and wanted to make them available very cheaply for those of you who are interested. Here's what I have:

Kodak No. 7A Cloud Filter, 3 each

Kodak No. 7A Close-Up Attachment, 2 each

Kodak No. 6A Cloud Filter, 2 each

Kodak No. 13 Cloud Filter, 6 each

Kodak No. 3 Close-up Attachment, 2 each

To make sure these items get out of here quickly, I'm pricing them at only $2.00 each plus actual postage! Can you believe it, friends? ONLY TWO DOLLARS! I don't need all of them, I've already taken out what I need, so I'm offering them at this RIDICULOUSLY low price to my fellow Brownie collectors! If you have a Brownie Hawkeye or a Kodak Duex, you need the No. 13; if you have the Brownie Target 620 or a Kodak Duaflex, the 6A; the Brownie Target 616, the 7A. The No. 3 attachment fits cameras with very small lens rings - I've converted one for use on my Agfa PD16 Clipper.

Once again, these are available for only $2.00 each, plus actual postage - overseas buyers are certainly welcome if you're willing to pay in US dollars. Act now, before the police get here - um, before they're all snapped up!!!

-- Pete Lutz (, April 16, 2002

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