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Hello, I hope one of you can answer my question. This morning when I went out to feed my young goats they were all fine. This afternoon when I went out to feed them, my bottle-baby, about 3/12 months old had a knot on his left cheek about the size of a sweetgum ball. I used that analogy because we have so many sweetgum trees that I thought he might have tried to chew one and got it stuck. I felt of it and it's hard as a brick. Without much co-operation from him I managed to get a finger inside his mouth and promptly got my finger bitten and cut from the razor sharp back teeth. I did manage to find out that there was nothing stuck in his teeth but my finger. His inside cheek felt rough on the opposite side of the knot. Could this be a bite from an insect or snake? Is it something I should give him medicine for? If so, what and where can I find it?

I went down to the bottom of the list page and saw the question about CL. Could it be that? This is my favorite baby so please help.

-- Sheila in NC (, April 16, 2002


I really kind of doubt it could be CL at just 3 months. Do you have snakes or spiders right now where you are? Perhaps give him an appropriate childs dose of benedryl and if the swelling goes down you know it is an allergic reaction. The only other thing I have seen like this is a salivary cyst, but it is much younger when it is found. The salivary gland leaks fluid under the skin, making a wet spot. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, April 17, 2002.

Yes Vicki, we do have a lot of spiders out now, also bumble bees and wasp and mosquitoes. I haven't seen any snakes yet but it's hot enough for them to be out. We've had almost 90 degree weather all this week. Their pen is right in front of a wooded area that I'm in the process of clearing so they can have more space. I found a copperhead last fall around Nov. in that area. We've had very little cold weather here this year.

His knot is less swollen today and he acts like he normally does, silly. How long should I keep bottle feeding him?

-- Sheila in NC (, April 17, 2002.

If he is just a pet, wean him after this little problem is all over. If he is a buck you will use for breeding, don't wean him if you have the milk, unless it bugs you to death. We like to keep our bucks on milk as long as they will take it, but sometimes they do wean themselves. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, April 17, 2002.

It could very possibly be an insect bite, but also keep in mind that it could be an abscess. The side of the face is a very common place for abscesses. Abscesses should be lanced and drained, so that they can heal. I believe an abscess would be comparable to a zit.

-- Anna Cole (, February 06, 2005.

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