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I am wondering about something I read in one of Glasser's latest books. It is about "The Transition Year" I would like more information about this if you can help. Thank you.

-- Patricia Legge (, April 16, 2002


The transition year has been in existence for many years, in the Republic of Ireland, and is being availed of by most schools. After completing his/her junior state exams a student may opt to take a year out of the academic cycle and rejoin a year later and study for two years for his/her senior state exams. In most schools this is optional and some students continue right on with the academic cycle. During this 'year out' some core subjects are studied but the great emphasis is on non academic pursuits: Art, crafts, drama, music, public speaking,creative writing, local history, astronomy, diy, etc. etc. The curriculum is limited only by the students' and teachers' imagination and visiting speakers can be brought on virtually any subject as part of a cohesive module. Mini companies can be set up in schools and run on a commercial basis , work experience in local industry or services is undertaken and often students are attached to help in all sorts of disadvantaged areas.Usually, during this year extensive school field trips are undertaken and a visit to a foreign country and/or a linking with a foreign school often occurs as well.The Dept. of Education, which runs the whole educational system in Ireland, monitors the year to ensure that it is not treated as an extra academic year. Glasser thinks that the transition year comes close to his vision for a quality school. If you want any more information contact me.

-- Ken Lyons (, April 17, 2002.

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