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This was off the Christian Homesteader List... I thought maybe hoof rot, but the cold part throws me.

I have a one year old doe who has a leg problem. A couple weeks ago she had a limp on the hind left leg. We were suspecting a sprain, but then she quit putting weight on it altogether . We thought that the weight of her kids which she was shortly to deliver was complicating things. She had the kids fine, but the problem is as bad and worse. I was feeling around and noticed that from the pasturns to the hoof it is cold! She never had point tenderness or showed any other signs of illness. She is in pain I believe since she stands with her head against the wall a lot of the time, (like a goat in labor). She is attentive to her kids and producing milk well. I'm alarmed and baffled as to what this could be. No swelling is present anywhere. You're help is much appreciated. God bless & Thanks, Nancy

-- Marci in NE Ohio (, April 17, 2002


She definetly is in pain from the head pressing. I would be worried because of the cold hoof, possibly a blood clot in the leg like was stated on where I saw the post. I would love to know if BC got any hate mail for the answers he/she has given the last few days, course maybe since he isn't openly a gal like I am over their, and over here, and at home :) he won't get the emails that consist of "Oh, you think you know everything" if I in anyway post anything technical in my posts. Then of course are the emails that I talk "down" to folks over their :) He he he Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, April 17, 2002.

People over there have an "attitude" problem Vicki? hehe. I'm really interested in Nancy's doe's problem. Is aspirin or Vitamin K safe for use in goats? Might help dissolve a clot.

Is there any off smell in her hoof? A puncture? Some infection that might have migrated up? With no swelling it doesn't sound likely, but something to check out?

-- Dennis Enyart (, April 18, 2002.

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