A.I. sure makes kidding season interesting

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Most of the does got bred A.I. last fall. Some of them settled, others came back into heat, and others most definitely did not settle.

Remember Delilah, queen of the herd? Well, I tried to A.I. her, but her vagina was too swollen and inflamed to get the speculum in. Turns out she'd gorged herself on forstbitten tomatoes and tomato plants, after I found out, I was glad she was still alive. So I figured the swelling was due to the high acidity of the urine, from the tomato plants. I'd given up on AI'ing her and bred her live to the buck. From that breedingg, she'd be due April 12th. She came back into heat a month later and was rebred. Is she due now or a month from now? She's as big as a house, and she is always a week late on her dates. Her ligaments are very, very soft. But the udder is empty. Last year her udder was empty too, until right before she kidded. She has a bad kidding history, so I guess she'll keep me trotting down to the barn for several more days.

Then there is Wildflower. She was bred A.I. the same day Delilah got bred, and would also be due the 12th of April. She came back into heat almost 5 weeks later and was bred naturally. I thought the A.I. breeding didn't take. But now, she is very large for a bred kid, I cannot imagine her going for another month like this. And her vulva is very soft and swollen looking. She has some udder development, but it isn't tight and engorged. Her ligaments are just average softness. She's CAE positive, so any kids have to be snatched at birth. Guess she'll keep us guessing for a few more days, too!

Saffron is due April 16- 19. Now, I know this doe really settled A.I.! She never came back into heat. Her udder is shaping up nicely. Her vulva is like Wildflower's, soft and swollen. But her ligaments are still quite firm. Her tailhead is raised up in the middle of the rump, it looks kind of roached now (it used to be almost perfect and level). Not sure if the kids have moved up or if she got rammed real hard and got her spine thrown out of alignment. I hope her rump will level out again when she kids. At least I know when she is due!! A.I. sure makes kidding season more interesting!

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), April 18, 2002


If I bred a doe and she returned into heat and was rebred in 4 days, which is typical for our goats, than it could be either date. But for a full 21 days and another heat and another breeding it is always the last breeding.

On the roached rump. If she does not come back down to normal in several weeks after kidding, find yourself a book on horse chripractory or someone who does it. Friend of mine had a LaMancha in the ring with this, at judge came over to the doe, stood behind her and masasged this roached rump, (it actually was the spine raised above the thurls) right back into place, with a pop pop pop. She leveled out so pretty in just that one treatment!

AI made my kidding season very intersting even though I wasn't the one doing it. In Lousianna both does I was going to get bucklings out of were AI'd both had all does, in Wyoming the doe I was to get a buckling out of by AI had triplet does! I hate AI! :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), April 18, 2002.

Oh Vicki, your goats are so well behaved! It must be an Alpine thing, Delilah pulled this trick before, came back into heat three weeks after being AI'd, and then had the kid by the AI breeding! Maybe she likes the extra attention. ;-)

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), April 18, 2002.

Saffron gave us a beautiful single doeling yesterday. She is chamoisee with a flashy white belt! And the sire is Sodium Oaks Warpaint. Saffron is my first Reflex daughter to freshen, her dam has an udder that milks well, but the attachment is not ideal either in the fore or rear. Saffron's udder is beautiful! HIgh and wide in the rear, and snug in the fore. I am so happy!

Meanwhile, Delilah is still having her heaving, pushing, false labor. I think you are right Vicki, she is going to keep me on my toes for a whole month longer!!

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), April 21, 2002.

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