I'm feeling like "Sgt. " I know nothing" Shultz"

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Today while filling in 18 holes that my dogs dug in their pen ,I got the surprise of my life. They sat there quietly , cussing me with their eyes, as I shoveled all that dirt back into the holes. They never moved, just sat there shoulder to shoulder as I played like a steam shovel. As I was leaving their pen and stopped to pet them, I found out why they were so calm. They had moved their down pallet over about 2 ft to cover part of a hole and had their beetle butts covering the rest of the opening of a two foot wide hole tunneling under the fence. With the way they were trying to hide it, maybe they think they're in Stalag 13. Dogs are not dumb :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), April 18, 2002


18 holes and a clubhouse? Whats their handicap?!!

-- mitch hearn (moopups@citlink.net), April 18, 2002.

Mitch you may have a point. I better look gor clubs.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), April 18, 2002.

Mitch you are funny! Jay's new business venture, a PUP & GO!!! Haaaa Haaa Heeee!!!!!!

Funny, dress them up like they did the dogs playing poker, only dress them in classic Scottish golf garb.


-- Susan in MN (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), April 19, 2002.

I know I'm not single, but I visit once in awhile. I HAD to comment how funny that is!

-- Ardie/WI (ardie54965@hotmail.com), April 19, 2002.

And I thought they dug the other holes as a diversion. They were just jealous of my backyard putt putt green (it has 3 cups and movable barriers).

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), April 19, 2002.

Ardie it is nice to have you over here and yes you are very welcome any time you like. You DO NOT have to be single to post here.

Jay, I think you may have to design a special way to play you new golf game. It will be more of an obstical course, you can call it POOP & GO!


-- Susan in MN (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), April 19, 2002.

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