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while taking Logical Backup thru Export Utility can i take Database structures in ASCII (english like text) format? if yes how? Because by default it writes in binary............

-- Mukesh Moharir (mmoharir@jyotistructures.com), April 19, 2002



You can use the import utility with the INDEXFILE parameter (see imp help=y) to create a file with the database structure. For example:

exp scott/tiger@ORCL file=exp.dmp log=exp.log owner=SCOTT --this will create a export file with the schema SCOTT

imp scott/tigger@TEST_DB file=exp.dmp log=imp.log SHOW=Y INDEXFILE=STRUCTURE.TXT --this won't import the data, but will show the contents of the export file into the log file (imp.log) and will create a file with the structures (STRUCTURE.TXT).


-- Maurilio (maurilio_damasceno@ig.com.br), June 20, 2002.

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