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Hello Friends !

I've got a Sony D8 TRV 110E Video-Camera.

I have been working with this camera since 2 years without any problems. One week ago I enabled DVin. I also enabled some funktions like zebra warning pattern when overexposed or things like frame and interval record.I checked all this things and all worked fine. Today I plugged in the battery-charger - since then the camera switches off automatically after about 5 secounds, also in play- as in record modus, showing a sign in the LCD Monitor, the battery was empty. The battery of corse is full, also the other one I tried.

Can you provide me solution? If this userboard is not the right one, can you give me a better connection?

Many thanks in advance Walter

-- Walter Inspruckner (, April 20, 2002


look here

-- russell (russell,, October 02, 2002.

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