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Ain't they just pale, ain't they just lilly? You're right. But those ole' rednecks respect someone to help'em make that dawg hunt. What can I say? Got these two ole bachelors? And just put a transmission in an ancient old ford truck for the neihbor. He's fat, he's ugly, but he's local. And his wife is good people. In fact, Bernice, shut my mouth, just what exactly is Bruce good for? Does he work? Does he have any practible recommendations? I'd better shut up. But I detest seeing good people being taken advantage of.

People, mark my word. I have just angered my friend, Bernice.

-- Dennis Enyart (, April 21, 2002


Bernice, these compositions are very good, they are accumulated by people who still don't think we should be friends, and those who are juuuuust technical to be pissy. I think we'll survive it! I've also just shot myself in the heart. Love you. But honestley, what is that man good for???? Debating sending this post. SERIOUSLY debating.

-- Dennis Enyart (, April 21, 2002.

Ummmm.... ya lost me here. But then I am blonde and it takes a few minutes. I still ponder what good sometimes men are for. Ya know, ......they come home from work, prop their feet up and its "Huney Do!" til bedtime.

Actually he will be the "PRIME" catch of the county soon, he will have 2 checks coming in a month, so that makes him better than the typical catch which has one check coming in. Now if one of those girls decides to knock out some front teeth of his, he'd really be sought after then, see the pick up line in AR is, "Nice Tooth!"

I'll catch ya later, been sick so I'm headed back to bed.

-- Bernice (, April 21, 2002.

Repentence here. MYOB. But I do love our Bernice;-) Hope you're feeling better and can make it for a pleasant evening at milk test.

Dennis & Joe

-- Dennis Enyart (, April 21, 2002.

Native Arkansans just love people that move here and then make fun of the locals.

-- sherry in Arkansas (, April 21, 2002.

Hi Sherry,

Actually I love the people here. It's like comming home. Get things done in their own time and don't buy stress. My dad's side is from the Round Mountain area near Fayetteville. The Enyart cemetary is there. I took after them. And you ought to see me right now. Overalls with no shirt and rubber boots. Don't care what people think either, it's comfortable and fits the bill. I only poke fun at closed minds, not closed hearts. And the people I've met up here in the mountains have been good to us whether they know it or not. Just a wave from a neighbor meeting you on the road is heartwarming after I experienced what happened to NE Oklahoma in the last 49 years. The old people died off and no one is friendly anymore like they are here. I'm an Arkie for the rest of my life now.

-- Dennis Enyart (, April 21, 2002.

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