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Does anyone have goldenseal seed they would like to trade for something? I have tons of heirloom vegetable seed. Let me know!

-- Doreen (, April 21, 2002


Doreen, here in the Smokey Mountains ,Tenn. they have a plant the locals call yella root.They say it's good for colds when made into tea. Since yella root isn't a botanical name, I had wondered if it was golden seal root.It taste like goldern seal and has the same color.Does anyone else know if Yellow root and Golden Seal are the same plant?

-- SM Steve (, April 21, 2002.

They are one and the same. I guess the best way to propagate the golden seal is by the rhizomes. I wasn't sure of the particulars of the plant until I looked it up. duh. I don't know if itt would make it here as the info I found says it needs heavy shade and not too hot of temps. I can do the shade part, but haven't found the thermostat for Tejas yet.

-- Doreen (, April 21, 2002.

Doreen , the leaves are just starting to grow on the underbrush.As soon as there's enough foilage on plants where I can indentify the Golden Seal I'll let you know, and if you still want it, I'll send you some.It gets mighty hot here in the summer and I have southern exposure on the side of a mountain that makes my land into a giant solar collector and it still grows here.It might survive there in a shaded nothern exposure area.

-- SM Steve (, April 22, 2002.

Steve, that would be wonderful! I have some dense woods that has that good leaf mold soil, so if it could survive the heat, it should work. I just found out that greenbriar has a number of uses as well. I'm swimming in food here!! Thanks for the offer.;)

-- Doreen (, April 22, 2002.

Hey Steve, would you consider sending me a root or two also? I have been looking for some to grow myself.

Little Bit farm

-- Little bit Farm (, April 25, 2002.

Little bit, I'd be glad to send you a few roots of Golden Seal. As soon as I gather some up I'll post it here.

-- SM Steve (, April 25, 2002.

Ooh! please can anyone send me some roots too? I am in northern England & would really like to have a go at growing some. I can certainly vouch for its usefulness

-- susan smith (, November 19, 2002.

If this was suppose to be a reminder , I haven't forgotten. I haven't been able to find goldern seal plants this year ( I've looked many times ).And even with the help of some young people with good eye sight and who know the plant well , I've been unable to locate this usually abundent plant ( weed ) .

Maybe it's due to the drought we had this year ???

-- Steve (, November 20, 2002.

There is a gardener that has this plant listed for sale for a very "reasonable" buy it now price on ebay right now... look for seller 5060sinai in the ebay site map search bar under seller .... hes a really nice guy... you'll like doing business with him.

-- Patty Putman (, February 15, 2004.

First let me set you straight on Goldenseal and Yellowroot. In the Smoky Mtns. yellowroot is the name given to Xanthoriza simplicissima. Both yellowroot and goldenseal can be bought at Native Gardens in Greenback, Tn. These are nursery propagated plants, not collected from the wild.

-- Brien Ostby (, June 17, 2004.

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