?warts? on udder???

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ok, i suckered, i got a doe in some bad shape,

i havent looked at the kids mouth yet, but should be ok...was nursing normally, only 5 days old, give or take, its the mom thats a problem , shes, nubian crossed with who knows, has airplane ears.... she has two , warts on her teats, she has black skin, so i dont think its warts, but not sure, she by her teeth , looks to be around 4-5years old, theres one on each teat....

one is closed, looks old, the other is at the top of her teat, and bleeding a bit, it doesnt have a "tag" on it, for the life of me , it just looks like a regular mole....but, its there, and of course i am thinking soremouth.. but not sure, since i have never encountered it..

i am sure its not CL , my problem is, what the heck is it ?, if its soremouth , she has been seperate from the herd , but baby was out with the others, (holes to big in panels, note to self) and running around , there was some nose touching.. what would you do ?, cross fingers and hope??? evict mommy?, and baby?? i bought the baby, the mom came with , so , if needed , i am not "attatched" to the doe, but the doeling i would like to keep...

any ideas ?

-- Beth Van Stiphout (willosnake@hotmail.com), April 21, 2002


Quaranteen is all the way or none at all. This from a person who had no choice but to put a new milker in with two yearlings :) The kid has already dragged, poop an all everything that you are already going to catch in the rest of the herd. Soremouth, pinkeye, lice and the like are already on their way, now we just deal with it. From what you describe it really doesn't sound like soremouth. It is not just a few spots, it is lots of tiny pustules and gross. 5 days old isn't old enough to really cause problems with aggressive nursing, any chance you are just looking at an teat injury, a bite, being stepped on etc? I would just watch her, worm her, vaccinate her, feed her some good groceries, no way its CL on the teat. No fair wanting her daughter an not her :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX Nubians (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), April 21, 2002.

vicki , hon, this is yet another case of Beth , you know better.... the mommys hooves were 6 inches long, and she could barely stand on her feet, when i got them home, i trimmed, her feet, and she is sooo gratefull, luckily no rot, everything looks fine, i only took off about 4 inches, she will need more trimming, but with them being that long i didnt want to take off too much , since i didnt want her all ouchy, mom needs to put on about 15-20 lbs before she looks good, i cd/t her, and yep even caved and gave her ivomec, and you know i dont like chemicals, but i figured, i had better get her better, she seems like a sweet old gal, she was in the pen next to my goats at the animal sale, hence after watching her all day, and knowing her daughter likes to skip through holes in the fence.... i still got her, she had that "please help me" look in her eyes....

rather glad i did too, in spite of it, even if it does end up being soremouth , the only good goats there at the sale(it was a small sale), was mine, and Gayle Gundberg, from minnesota, she raises reg,. nubians all the others were obviously auction house kill goats, there was even a little pygmy buckling with terrible soremouth . blisters all over and everything...

ok, now i have to admit, as if noone didnt already guess, yeah , i already like the old gal....she was a bottle baby, i am convinced of it, she nuzzles and comes up for cuddles and all.. she just landed in bad straits...

same as the llama we bought, but he is prime, oh , i wish i knew how to post pics on here, he is the neatest thing, the only reason i bought him , was he was on the other side, of this momma goat, and the little doeling kept tearing around into his pen , under his feet , and belly, and he just stood stock still, and when she fell asleep down by his pen , he laid down and kept snuffling her :)

i really dont expect him to be a great help with guardign the goats , but then again he might, he chased my collie mutt around when he followed me out to the goats..so maybe just him being "himself" will do it ... i dont know.... but sincei love unusual animals, (how i got into goats in the first place) , hes here to stay any how, enough now, i have to go milk in 1/2 hour

BTW, i seperated mom and baby, last night mom gave 5 lbs

-- Beth Van Stiphout (willosnake@hotmail.com), April 22, 2002.

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