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Mollydoe felt poorly this morning, didn't want to get up and have her feed, and her milking was way off. Mastitis test was negative. I don't hear any wheezing, but she did have kind of a stuffy/runny nose this afternoon. I let the goats out for a little while yesterday afternoon, once the sun came out and it was dry. But it was windy and still cold, and I'm thinking she just has a cold. Her temp, though was 103.4. Is that high enough to worry about? She was feeling better, eating, and milking better again this evening. Didn't want baking soda. I did give her Probios. Do you usually just give that once? Also, her gums seemed a little grey to me. I started her on some Corid(which she spit all over me, lol). Can I give her Ivermectin at the same time, or should I wait? Thanks.

-- mary (, April 21, 2002


Cocci in an adult doe would be diarrhea. They have really good immunity to cocci, and though a sick older doe could get cocci when her immunity is poor, most adult does don't get cocci first. Corid tastes nasty, most sulfas also are bitter, unless vanillia flavored like Albon is for dogs. Yes I would worm her, but I would also give her the probios 3 times a day for awhile. 103 is high if you said it was that cold out, where do you live that it was cold? When she was out for the little bit did she eat a bunch of stuff she wasn't used to? This could cause a rumen upset, which the Probios would help. Perhaps take the temp the next time you check, of a pen mate the same coloring, to check to see if hers is higher. What do the gums of her pen mates look like? Is she the low man on the pecking order in the barn? Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX Nubians (, April 21, 2002.

Thanks, Vicki. I talked with my vet friend for awhile about her after church yesterday, and I think she gave me the idea of cocci treating. I'd never cocci treated an adult, but Molly sure did let me know the stuff wasn't tasty. lol. No, she's not the low man, she's top dog. We are in Colorado now, and though we've had some nice weather, Saturday was nasty. There was an icy mist in the air in the morning, so I kept them in. But when it was sunny after lunch, I really wanted them to get out for awhile. It was quite colder than I thought,and very windy. When I looked out, they were all just huddled against the barn, waiting to go back in. So they were only out maybe a couple of hours, and I really don't think any of them even went out to pasture.

I guess I'll go ahead and worm her, and check on the others, too, when I go back out.

Oh, and thanks for the advice on the Probios. I only gave it to her once yesterday.

-- mary (, April 22, 2002.

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