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It's time to write your congressional rep again. Let them know you demand truth, respect for our God given rights-particularly the First Amenment in this case- and that you would really like a reply from them. The "We the People" organization has hand delivered to nearly each rep a video tape and a letter requesting action. Go here to read about it:

Congress Put on Notice

-- Doreen (, April 22, 2002


Its too far gone and too far ingrained in the system. If anything happens it will be that the house and senate will make what ever changes need to be made to the laws to guarentee that the IRS and the collection of taxes keep flowing legally. And these tapes and letters will give them the clues as too what they have to change in the laws.

Out of all of them volunteers that showed up over the weekend,how many actually just refuse to pay or file taxes? My guess is not many if any at all.

-- TomK(mich) (, April 22, 2002.

You are probably right. Having just read your 2012 post, I guess you can empathize with a desire for the house of cards to finally, fatally fall.:). It's just too much to ask the gubbamint to follow their own laws,---------heavy sigh.

-- Doreen (, April 22, 2002.

I did not mean to burst your bubble but I have been in the IRS's sights since 1991. I have had bank accounts emptyed,cars taken,liens put on my house,paychecks garnishee,Interest and fines adminstered,etc. WHY? because I owe them my own money,plain and simple and I refused to pay them. I am not talking about income tax I am talking about Social Security Tax. Its my retirement money and I can do just as good as they can with it if not better. If the Amish (and I have nothing against them,I love them dearly)can be exempted from paying Social Security then that exemption should be allowed for anyone who so choses.

-- TomK(mich) (, April 23, 2002.

Check out these web sites and get some answers.

-- Steve Chumbley (, October 08, 2002.

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