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I would like to pose a question regarding dataset stacking onto tape using traditional IBM utilities, mainly DB2 Image Copies. Through my past experience, there has always been a problem when stacking many datasetsonto a tape especially when one of the datasets being copied runs into multi-volume. The problem has to do with label positioning.

I'll try to explain.

Let's say we have 50 datasets to be stacked onto a tape. The 25th dataset extends into another tape volume.

This is where the problem exists. When the he 26th dataset is applied to the second volume, it tries to do a refer back on the first volume causing the utility to fail.

Does this problem still exist or has it been corrected by IBM. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

-- Edward Majerczak (edward_majerczak@nyce.net), April 22, 2002


I asked several of our developers here and this is their answer - hopefully it helps you:

This problem was caused by having to code DD statements to represent output copies and not having the utility handle the stacking and tape movement. It is probably still a problem unless one is on V7 (with LISTDEF) and has installed a recent APAR that alleges to allow tape stacking to be handled more effectively (for parallel processing and also with automation). Even with this APAR some testing would be in order as it is quite new. Here is the APAR number --> PQ56293

Of course, this would not be a problem if you were using BMC COPY PLUS instead of IBM's crude COPY utility.

-- Craig S. Mullins (Craig_Mullins@BMC.com), May 10, 2002.

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