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If you do what one ?? any intrest in adding each other??Mine is southerneagle@yahoo or grizzly_adams2000@hotmail on Msn

-- Grizz workin near D.C. (, April 23, 2002


I run both msn and yahoo.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, April 23, 2002.

I run both of those also

-- Stan (, April 23, 2002.

I have them all!

-- Susan in MN (, April 23, 2002.

Susan,, you have ICQ and Cheeta Chat also?

-- Stan (, April 23, 2002.

I have yahoo... juanamustang@yahoo. Grizz, contact me anytime if you'd like to chat about FL, I live about 50 miles from Putnam Co.,

-- juana (, April 23, 2002.

May this dumie ask what ye talkin' about? I'm still in puter kinder-garten

BTW...any of you out there using Lynex? [sp] The guy who built my puter say's it's time........

-- Jim-mi (, April 23, 2002.

No Stan I don't have those others, never even heard of them! I have AOL, Yahoo, and MSN.

Jimmi we are talking about Instant Messengers (IM). It is like e- mail only it is live chat type stuff. You can download them free from the internet. I don't know what Lynex is fill me in please.

-- Susan in MN (, April 23, 2002.


You left out the best part , IM voice, just like Ma Bell only no long distance :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, April 23, 2002.

I loved it when yahoo let you make phone calls from you comp,, you could call ANYWHERE,, not just to a comp,, put to telephones,, I used to play with it,, and call pay phones in Europe, ,just to see where it would go,, now,, thay want you to pay for them. SUsan,, Cheeta Chat, is an "add on" to yahoo chat,, it enhancese it,,give you more options and such, can be used alone, but its better with yahoo

-- Stan (, April 24, 2002.

Lynex [sp?] I'm told, is a system written by puter hackers which is much more secure than windows.

It is also possible to load up both linex & windows, and then have the option of which you want to operate in.

My puter builder has been following the progression of Lynex [sp] and so I'm not really shure why its "better"......but I'll take his word!

-- Jim-mi (, April 24, 2002.

The correct spelling----Linux

-- Jim-mi (, April 24, 2002.

And can have CAM pictures on while chatting,,that is fun also,,My daughter and I have enjoyed that feature a lot..She lives in Alaska and I live in Montana,,so get to see her and grand kids on CAM..Patsy

-- Patsy, MT (, April 25, 2002.

Ok all of you you got my Im addy!! Anyone who wants to chat feel free to ad me to your list!!

-- Grizz workin near D.C. (, April 26, 2002.

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