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I found a gal who has yearling LaMancha X Alpine milkers for sale....she said at a month fresh, they are giving about a half gallon a day. Is that a decent amount?



-- Tracy (, April 23, 2002


i would say for a first freshener , thats pretty good, but remember to expect less when you first get her home, time for adjusting and what not .....

oh, and its very important for first timers, find out what times , and anything"special" she does to get her girls to milk... for mine just going out to the barn and turnign on the radio, they know ....

-- Beth Van Stiphout (, April 23, 2002.

Tracy, no, and especially for the breeds, 1/2 a gallon is not a record breaker :) Now if you had said Nubian x whatever, than I would have said yes. But.......if the herd is clean, they have been tested for CAE, they have excellent feet and legs, something alot of LaMancha's do not have, and they don't have to much of the Alpine bossiness, than get them. They could be a very good start! Esepcially continuing with the LaMancha breedings which with 3 correct generations of ear will give you a purebred. Alas always and Amercian if you go the Alpine way. But..............clean (where the bones of the shoulder smoothly blend into the side, not bumpy), nice bone, nice width, nice size (yearlings should be 145 to 165 pounds), nice attachment to this small udder (feel where the belly and the udder meet.....could you drive a small truck in their or does it flatten into the body), and a fresh nice CAE, CL Elisa test! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, April 23, 2002.

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