Hey Cabin Fever!

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Hey cabin that big ol lake thaw out up there yet?? Made those pasty things Man they were good!! Just wonderin if you were still among us!! miss seein your post here!

-- Grizz workin near D.C. (southerneagle@yahoo.com), April 25, 2002


He answered one on CountryFamilies. Under Strawberries in a Whisky barrel. AngieM2

-- AngieM2 (ameininger@yahoo.com), April 25, 2002.

Hi Angie.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), April 25, 2002.

Grizz, I miss his posts here too but he is over on CS a lot too! Yes the Big lake has thawed, they all have now, even up here by me. If it would just warm up people could get in there boats and go fishing. The opener isn't until mother's day weekend though. I think this may be one of the earliest ice-outs we have had in a long time.

-- Susan in MN (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), April 25, 2002.

Hi Jay, Grizz and Susan and other Lurkers. Happy Friday. AngieM2

-- AngieM2 (ameininger@yahoo.com), April 26, 2002.

Hy Angie Jay Susan and all the other lukers!! LOL!!! Hope all of you have a great weakend!

-- Grizz workin near D.C. (southerneagle@yahoo.com), April 26, 2002.

Hi Grizz and Angie! Thanks, you guys have a great weekend too!

-- Susan in MN (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), April 26, 2002.

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