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While discussing Revelations in LBF's post it came to me that I might share what scares me about Revelations. While dreams are a reality there is also the very real possibility that they should not be shared. The following is my Revelation that I have never shared with the exception of my father and my wife.

In the year of our Lord, 1980, a vision placed in the mind of Joel Rosen in a place called Cleveland, Tennessee.

And it came to pass that while driving the heavens did rent their garments and the sky split and I was overcome by the light. The ones with me were no more and the trumpets of a multitude of angels sounded the coming of the Throne. And I did see the clouds of golden splendor on which it sat and the skies were full of bands of Angels, but He who sat on the Throne my eyes were hidden from. There was glorious music which comforted my soul and voices that assured me not to be frightened.

And when a time had passed the music did fade away and the skies sealed themselves and I was in the precence of one I could not see, yet he was there. The words were spoken as if they were commandments and my mind and body obeyed. "Drive On and these things I will show you that will come to pass"

The roads were entangled and there was a great confusion among the people. There were that day bodies strewn to the left and right but they were not bruised. The remaining masses were violent and had no soul in their eyes and they had fallen on the dead and did commit all manner of theft and other vulgar acts. And the essence called my name and said " Look upon thyself and know that you are not like them " "Leave this place"

And it came to pass that in a moment I was caused to be on a narrow path and there were ones there looting the bodies of two women. I ask them what they sought to gain and the one did raise his hand which was full of the paper that man had come to worship and in his eyes was the sign $$ and there was no soul in him. The men did than attempt to cause me harm but they fell upon one another and I was protected against them. The essence said "Drive On"

The roads became like a waste land and the earth did fill the air with the stench of dead bodies and fear filled my soul. My mouth cried out to the Lord and ask "what is this that though hath caused me to witness" And the essence began to answer.

" Joel, son of no man, I have put before you a desolation such as the world has never witnessed. As in the book bearing your name, these things have come to pass. Before you I have laid waste to the masses but the beast still walks the earth. And it shall come to pass in these days that I will cause an army to serve and you will lead them in the name of the Lord. You shall be called the Army of the Road and in one place you shall not dwell. Your tents shall not see the sun in one place for all the rest of thy days. You will take no wife and you shall not bear children by any woman. You shall eat only the spoils of thy victories and you will not sow seed neither will thy store any manner of food or water. If you obey the covenant than you shall not taste defeat but on the day you break it all manners of plaques will infect the chosen. Thus says the Lord thy God.

And a deep sleep was caused on my soul and when I had awakened the essence said " Leave this place and do not return for on the day you do this shall come to pass.

I left Cleveland, Tennessee that day and wild horses could not drag me back into Tennessee. Is this a Revelation or a dream ? I do not know but I won't return to tempt God. Now you may see why I say to the people of God ==Read your Scripture but if ye be mortal than STAY OUT of REVELATIONS !!!

-- Joel Rosen (, April 28, 2002


So Joel I guess it's more than unlikely you'd be playing the song "Tennessee Jed" on your home music box, written by Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia, Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain't no place I'd rather be, baby won't you carry meeeeeeeeeeee, back to Tennessee.

-- SM Steve (, April 28, 2002.

O Tennessee, that gave us birth, To thee our hearts bow down. For thee our love and loyalty Shall weave a fadeless crown. Thy purple hills our cradle was; Thy fields our mother breast Beneath thy sunny bended skies, Our childhood days were blessed.

Could we forget our heritage Of heroes strong and brave? Could we do aught but cherish it, Unsullied to the grave? Ah no! the State where Jackson sleeps, Shall ever peerless be. We glory in thy majesty; Our homeland, Tennessee.

'Twas long ago our fathers came, A free and noble band, Across the mountain's frowning heights To seek a promised land. And here before their raptured eyes; In beauteous majesty: Outspread the smiling valleys Of the winding Tennessee.

O Tennessee: Fair Tennessee: Our love for thee can never die: Dear homeland, Tennessee.

-- TomK(mich) (, April 28, 2002.

So um, are you a prophet or Saul of Tarsis. I can't decide! Nice story though. Very poetic. Closely paralleled Paul's meeting with and conversion to serving Christ.


-- PoePoe (, May 03, 2002.

Some call me sinner, some call me saint--prophet ? I have been called prophetic but I perfer the title "publican "! I am a sinner of great magnitude that could only fall at the feet of God and beg forgiveness !! I can only marvel at those that think above that.

-- Joel Rosen (, May 09, 2002.

Intriguing story, Joel. I am reading the "Lost Teachings of Jesus Book 1" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, which made me curious to know more about Paul/Saul. Doing a search on his name brought me to your story.

The series of books by Prophet suggests that there are lost teachings of Jesus that were deliberately left out of the bible in an effort to prevent Christ's followers from knowing the truth.

I know nothing about Prophet or her deceased husband, Mark L. Prophet, who collaborated on the series. But I am interested in these supposed lost teachings, apparently considered apocryphal writings by some religious scholars. (I confess that I don't know exactly what that means, but I will to find out soon.)

Sorry if this reply is off topic, I've only read your post. I hope to further explore the site soon. Having been reared Catholic during a time that scripture was not studied, I have only lately been learning about the bible. With so many contradictions and inconsistencies, I'm having trouble believing that it is the inerrant word of God, protected by divine power from being messed with by sinful and corrupt humans. I remain prayerful, trusting that I will be led to the truth.

I believe that God works in strange ways, and that it's not necessary for us to comprehend why he does what he does in order to keep the faith. I admire your conviction and courage, obeying what some might have been tempted to ignore as an insignificant dream. Who can say for sure? There are unexplainable things happening in this life that perhaps we will understand in the next.

-- Amelia Simms (, July 28, 2002.

Nice words,.. very scary in some ways but very believable and as a whitness to Jesus I give you my trust that you may respect it. I could recieve very powerfull visions as it was told so well, from the heart I believe.

-- Mark (, July 29, 2002.

Νή ΗΡ νΗΡ

-- Your Full Name (Your Email, July 08, 2003.

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