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Dear Sir,

I've a question on the practice of resolutions. The problem I faced was that viewing my svcd mpeg file from the PC was different from with the TV (normal home use 21 inch tv)--the TV had cut a small portion on top,bottom,left and right of my video.

My question is, for example a SVCD with 480x576 resolution, but a tv say is 4:3, how will it fit on tv? Will the tv remains original ratio by letting some blank space on sides(like 'letterbox' on dvd) or it just cut off certain parts of the video, or, producing an unnatural-look image? Or is it tv dependants?

Finally and most importantly, how to solve this? I really can't stand the output as it has lost my artistic expressions and even some people's faces were cut off!

I appreciate your help and thanks in advance!

Sincerely, Kai

-- Kok, Kai Foong (kaifoongkok@yahoo.com), May 01, 2002

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