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Quick question: Is this program capable of making a single catalog file from more than one disk? It looks like it only wants to make 1 catalog per cd or hard drive.


-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002


That is right. One catalog file can only hold information about one drive. I can't see why you would want it any other way. I actually made a version (2.8) of OCDB that could index more than one drive in a single catalog file. But it proved to be pointless and the version was never released.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002

My reason for cataloging more than one disc, to the same catalog, is that all my files are split between different cds and I wanted to be able to do a search using only one database (or catalog) for a file.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002

The program will automatically search every catalog file according to your search criteria so it is not necessary that there be a single catalog file. If you have 3 CD which happen to have the file list.doc, a single search will identify those 3 CDs.

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2002

This actually is 1/2 of the one bit of functinality I was hoping would be added in the future, and I can add one reason why it may be useful :)

I have my library CD as an Offsite Backup for a server's files. I am going to use the Offline CD Browser to catalog the files on the server as well as the files on the CD's. I would then like to combine all the CD's contents and compare that to the server's contents.

As the files on the server are changed/updated/etc, this would be the best way I've seen to be able to restore from the CD's, while making sure not to also put back files that have been moved to a new location, etc etc (if you knew this setup, you'd see it's better then re-burning, etc etc).

So combining the catalogs could be useful, especially if a compare between 2 lists functionality were also added in the future :)

I've only been using the program for, 20 minutes now, but this is one of the only things I would need to think it is the best utility for what I'm trying to do.

Of course, it doesn't say it should do any of this, and so far it has done a splendid job of what it advertizes (though it has crashed a couple times, but none of those crashes actually affected anything, i.e. one was while exiting the program).


-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

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