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I had a phone number for someone in Virginia who was just starting to raise them about 5 years ago but lost the number. I am hoping to get a buckling with blue eyes. (doesn't have to be registered)I live in NJ but am near both NY and VA. I tried looking up on the net but you know how it is, you get information on Dwarf, Nubian, Jersey, etc :) Thanks in advance.

-- Dee (, May 03, 2002


Oops, change that to Pennslyvania, PA - not Virginia, VA.

-- Dee (, May 03, 2002.

I know a lady who has some. I am not sure if they are for sale or not. Her homepage is found at: You can email her from there.

-- Mrs. Homesteader (, May 03, 2002.

I raise purebred nubians now and have also started raising mini nubians. I don't have any babies at this time will but will have some in the spring.

-- Brenda Zabriskie (, August 08, 2003.

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