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PLease help me understand better the differences and Similarities between Functionalism and Structuralism. Thanks in advance

Eve Shakur

-- Eve Shakur (, May 03, 2002


Have a look at some of the previous answers to similar questions (in the Structuralism and Functionalism categories). Especially, see

-- Christopher Green (, May 03, 2002.

structuralism, is broken from structure which refers to being made up or of, in this case we study the most basic elements, primarily sensations that buildup our brains while funtionalism is from function, meaning we study the fuctions of the different parts of the brain due to changing environments we encounter.

let me hope i helped somehow.

-- miiro john victor junior (, September 29, 2004.

Just a quick note on Miiro's answer: neither ther structuralists nor the functionalists had much to say about brains. Although they believed brains to be the place that minds "happen," so to speak, their focus was on minds (esp. consciousness) and, in the case of the functionalists, somewhat on behavior.

-- Christopher Green (, September 29, 2004.

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