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This is from a friend on another list...

I need to know if anyone has accidentally gotten 7% iodine in a baby goats eye? Raising goats as long as I have you'd think I'd not make such a mistake. We always put the iodine where the horns were burned. This was a buck kid and the burn area was larger than normal. The iodine just ran right into his eye. I washed it immediately but he looks awful. I'm afraid I blinded him in one eye. We had been trying to decide if he was going to be freezer meat or if we were going to sell him as a breeding buck (he's a reg. Saanen). If I blinded him he'll be freezer meat but I just wondered if this has happened to anyone else and what were the results? His eye ball does look white at the moment

-- Marci in NE Ohio (, May 03, 2002


Oh Marci..I know you are just sick about this..but do not beat yourself up..accidents happen. Is there a number on the Iodine bottle? I was thinking that you could call them and see what they recommend to neutralize the iodine. Wish you were closer..I am going to be looking for a Saanan buck!

Good luck and let us know how he gets!

-- Sher (, May 03, 2002.

Marci, a friend of mine used 7% iodine in a spray bottle to disinfect the just disbudded kids heads. The iodine leaked down into the eyes and swelled most of them shut. She called, I drove over, we rinsed and rinsed the eyes with plain water. We also gave them childrens liquid benedryl. Though the kids were swollen in the face for a couple of days they all were fine eventually. It's going to be worse looking since your animals are white :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, May 03, 2002.

Marci, A friend of mine also did this, and she thought she had blinded her kid. I have someone help if possible, but if not one per son can do this. I take an old rag and hold over kids eyes while I spray, this usually isn't too hard with little kids. The rag will catch all drips and nothing gets in eyes. The kid also seems to be calmer with eyes blocked. Barb

-- Barbara (, May 04, 2002.

My daughter also made this error a few years ago, was sick about it. We treated the same as Vicki, and she was fine...seems to have no loss of sight. The eye was totally white at the time, so good luck!

-- Patty (, May 04, 2002.

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