I had babies!!!

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Yes I actually had babies this morning!!! We hatched out 6, and counting, chicks. The last 3 times I tried this it didn't work, so I put the 9 yr old in charge, and it worked!!! Just had to share my good news.

-- Sherry (veggiemamma@msn.com), May 04, 2002


I have 2 hens broody, one Buff,, and one Bantie, had to buy the eggs,, since I have no roosters, ,only 9 arent broken so far, and I have them split between the 2,, 20 or so days left before due date,,, where do I get chicken cigars??

-- Stan (sopal@net-pert.com), May 04, 2002.

It is so much fun to have babies! You guys are lucky. I had to by my babies this year, I really hope I'll get so good Mamas in my brood. I just love to watch chickens they are cool birds and even better to watch when they have babies. I think I will need to build a good enclosed area for everyone. O usually like to let the free range but the foxes got them all last time. I wounder if I had a coop/pen raising party if anyone would come?

-- Susan in MN (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), May 05, 2002.

you buying the beer,, and making the steaks???

-- Stan (sopal@net-pert.com), May 05, 2002.

Susan, Throw something on the grill and I'll be there. I'll even throw in a baby, chicken that is!

-- Sherry (veggiemamma@msn.com), May 05, 2002.

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