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Each friday on payday i try to save just a little more than the week before towards getting off the road!! Luckly the job im on this year is mostly great people to work with!!This was to be my last year workin away ! BUT!! Having to buy a new Mechanics truck last fall kinda extended it one or two years more!! Another funny thing is evan with the econmy as bad as it is!! Iv gotton more calls this year for work than other years!! Seams like less people really want to work anymore!! Hope your all safe and things are bloomin!! grizz!

-- Grizz Wondering the outskirts of DC!! (, May 07, 2002


Grizz, Glad you have lots of work to do. I work in a hospital and there is still lots of sick people. My brother said things were slow at his job and down to 4 days a weeek. Speak'n of bloomin, my front yard looks spectacular! My Iris's and Peonies are just lovely and a friend gave me a whole bunch of flowers and Coleus and tomatos to plant. My son and grandson's are going to plant all 7 fruit trees for me for a Mothers day gift

-- karen in kansas (, May 07, 2002.

Blooming, blooming, hahahahaha. They are talking about a snow storm here. We are in some sort of warning until tomorrow night, Uggggg! Will this weather ever settle down? I guess it is coming from the Dakota's. The grass was just starting to grow too!

I got so frustrated the other day I went and bought two africian violets, the most beautiful persian blue, to have in my kitchen window. And I bought some pritty pink geraniums and put them in my hanging pot and hung them on my porch (inside).

-- Susan in MN (, May 07, 2002.

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