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I lost the first Saanen twin doeling that I asked for help on a few days ago. Vicki suspects it was a non diarrhea cocci infestation. So I am treating the twin sister and another doeling with Sulmet for 5 days. We started Monday AM. It is in a gallon jug, the only form I could find it in locally. I put it in their whole cow milk bottles, and the one doeling couldn't care less, but of course the more valuable Saanen takes two sucks, quits, walks off, later on the same thing, later if really hungry finshes the bottle....I tried adding a little sugar and it doesn't seem to help. Her appetite is down. Also the doeling that likes the stuff has mild diarrhea now. I am gunshy of course after losing one of them, should I do this any different? Thanks, Julie in OK

-- Julie (, May 08, 2002


Julie, You can also just drench them with it every day, it only takes minutes to do. You shouldnot add it to the milk. I believe the correct dosage is : 1 ml per 5 pounds (given orally) first day 1 ml per 10 pounds (given orally) day 2-5

1 ml is approximately 1 cc, just measure in a syringe and remove needle, put the syringe in the corner of their mouth and adminster. They do not like the taste of it, and will try to spit it out, so hold their mouth shut until they swallow. I tried sweetening it a few times for my goats, but just made a sticky mess. Goats do not like drenching. :0) But they will love you anyway

-- Barbara (, May 08, 2002.

OOps, I forgot to tell you that you should repeat the treatment in 21 days.

-- Barbara (, May 08, 2002.

Julie, I totally agree with Barbara. I never give a cocci med by mixing it with their drinking water or in a bottle. The drench is so much better and gets all the medicine into them. With nigerians like I have I simply use an eyedropper. A few seconds and no problem. If the one kid did have cocci, chances are unfortunately good others will come down with it. Please let us know how this works.

-- Lynn (, May 08, 2002.

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