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This is the first time I am attempting to send something here. I haven't been very lucky with my new service, etc. I have been unable to attend a Thursday night meeting; have been solidly booked after work each night; and miss the group and the gossip! Please, someone, give me a call over the weekend and let me know how we are doing, what we are doing, etc. I need another sign for my property, I need to know if you are planning some campaigning within the next week. Someone please, keep me connected. I read part of the weeks notes but have no time to read all. Haven't heard a thing from the "Olive" people since I spoke to Curry a while ago.....Thanks

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2002


Hi Pat, I saw your message on the bbs. So, you're on, right? The message you posted was on it's own thread. The action is on the week of.......thread, some of the other threads like "Doan's Deeds" are worth checking out. All the gossip, and more! I'll drop a sign at your house this pm. C

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2002

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