why do able parents with disabled kids get help but not us ?

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Where I live there's a number of able bodied parents with disabled kids. They keep telling me they get financial help from charities like the family fund for things like furniture, electrical goods and holidays. Why isn't there an equivalent goverment supported charity for disabled parents? I hate my disability, but worse than that is the misery of feeling I'm letting my wife and kids down because we cannot afford things like holidays. Maybe there is a charity that offers this help and I just have not found it yet, does anybody know of one ?

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2002


John, Not all charities are goverment supported. I guess it depends on where you live. You might want to try finding a non-profit agency or maybe a church. You will be superised how much they can really help. For any situation almost like food, baby supplies, and even in some cases financial support with bills. There are a few places that help like that where I live. If you have a community center in your town start asking questions there. Good luck!

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2002

Dear John, I am a disabled deaf) mum with two children, one of which is special needs. I have found some useful websites for disabled parents/children, one of which is called www.yourable.com. Just thought I'd let you know, isn't as easy getting help for a special needs child as it is getting help for myself. But, I have recently contacted the social services for my area, and they are now going to do two separate assessments, one for me and one for my daughter, and then combine the feedback on both to try and help me out. Perhaps you could try contacting them, or try some of the chat rooms of your internet provider (mine - aol), and look for the parenting/childrens/dads etc message boards and chat rooms. I have found some good advice and help from these. Also, in derby, there is an association called Derbyshire carers association that provide holiday grants for carers(whoever they may be, a mum, wife etc) to take a disabled person on holiday. I applied and got 350 to take myself, husband and children to great yarmouth. Just keep trying. I got alot of leaflets about help for carers which included numbers and address for those being cared for too, from my doctors surgery.

good luck Kathy

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2002

im Jaden i have a friend who is disabled and for some reason they get treated diffrent then the abled peaple get treated my friend is called luke he is 17 he wets the bed like me and he goes to day care and a special school i feel like i'm making another child smile and im glad

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2003

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