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Chuck has contacted me that the new server site is ready for use. The configuration protocol is similar to this site. I will moderate that site as I have this one, to the protocol requirements as set down by the server provider.

There is a clickable link on the invitation thread on the Countryside Forum to the site on Chucks server.

Also this site will remain active as long as possible to allow smooth transition or the forum members, who choose, to remain here. The choice is in your hands. I will continue to administer this site as long as its accessible and I have moderator status on the singles catagory at the new site singles catagory.

Our homepage and backup site are unaffected by these changes.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 10, 2002


Jay I visited it breifly this morning. So far I like it. I think personallities can come out more. I'll check it out more this afternoon. Gotta run!

-- Susan in MN (, May 10, 2002.

Not to be negative, but a few things "concern" me about the new site, just random thoughts, mind you.

First, to be honest I participated in a fairly Christian farm forum in the past, and being the type of person who feels religious/spiritual preferences are a private, individual choice, I felt that wasn't a problem. I completely respect others' choices in this realm. But, it unfortunately, became a problem, for me....not that this new site would be a reflection, but it certainly affects how I may view this...once bitten and all that...

Secondly, this place has a nice, laid back (relatively uncensored) atmosphere...yet retains a mutually respectful, friendly feel, I was happy to find it! While I enjoy CS, it IS different...for example just the other day the lightbulb post was shared here, but not there. Being so closely "affiliated" I think changes that.

Another thing that causes mixed feelings, is being single doesn't define who I am, and here, it feels more private...private isn't the word.....ugh, expressing this badly, I think I'd feel like a fish in a bowl over there, lol. So much visable traffic...

Anyhoo, hope this site stays for awhile, of course I'll be looking in on the other!

-- Patty (, May 10, 2002.

Patty I think you said it very well. At least I know and understand exactly what you are saying.

Little petty things like the forum isn't called Country Single Tree anymore, to the fact that although Jay remains our moderator Chuck has the ultimate delete power. If he or someone else doesn't like what they read on our forum (and we can get sort of racy at times) then he can come and wipe out or change stuff. I also don't like that if you get ban from one forum you are ban from all. The fish bowl feeling I felt right away. I don't know why either. In reality we are much more exposed here than there. But I feel it too, much more like I have to be careful what I say, how I say it and think of who I might upset by it. The freedom feels gone in some sort of way.

On the positive side I think I like the fun stuff, all the bells and whistles. I think we would prove to be a very colorful group.

My two cents worth. I'm sure I have more pennies to toss into the hat before this is through.

-- Susan in MN (, May 10, 2002.

well mr. chuck said that he would not use his editor ability on ANY of the other forums moderated by others. ms.d'reen of 'freedom & self reliance'fame went after him on all that.[look up 'control issues 'thread on the new site.]

a disappointment to me was the fact that many/most curse words are untype-able there. you type in 'fuck' & 'i'm a potty mouth' or some such comes up. i prefere no 'v' chip to insure my civilised behavior and i would prefer those that are not genteel, reveal themselves as such. i will get over it i'm sure. =)

ancient surfer that i am, no one is going to get me to use one of those new fangled 'emoticons'! hell, i remember when i had to type in the whole 212.34.3455 damm addy to get anywhere & gopher was the only search enging & i had to walk uphill both ways to get to school....

but i would be as comfortable posting the self deprciating humour of 'cyber lightbulb jokes' on the new singletree forum, as i was here. they both after all are just a click away for anyone to view.

-- bj pepper ,in central MS. (, May 10, 2002.

bj I think the point too is that some people can not get onto the new site. For example Stan is already barred. He says he has been there but I don't know. Supposedly there are others who are also banned from the new site. So what that means is if we move there they can not come. I think I have that right. I for one think everyone should be given the chance to begin a new. I would miss Stan if he couldn't join in our conversations on Singletree.

My other two cents worth.

-- Susan in MN (, May 11, 2002.

This site will remain intact and as long as its on the "Active List" and the server is up, its life as usual, people come , people go. When it slips off the active list, the partys' over like has happened to village commons. The boards have never been the trouble, the people and their interacting attitudes were.

The "new site" is just another url in cyberspace. Its nothing more than another splinter of the CS forum that died last year. Why did we splinter then, attitudes, why is it splintering now? attitudes.I go there, I come here, I go to worm digest. Participation is the ultimate decider. And we all have email addresses, so no matter, we're still connected.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 12, 2002.

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