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Please could you tell me roughly how much it would cost to hire a Speedrazor editing set-up per day? Could you also tell me how much it would cost to hire an Adobe Premier editing set-up too?

-- Rosie Clow (Rosesavthorns@hotmail.com), May 10, 2002


If you are still looking for an editor, email me. I use Avid Express and Final Cut Pro 3. My rates are reasonable too. wintermute670@yahoo.com

I'm in Toronto, Ont.

-- Jay Couvillon (wintermute670@yahoo.com), July 22, 2002.

We are a dual functioning editing team utilizing Premier, Final Cut Pro, and Media100 to produce a clean finished product both visually and audibly. We can achieve suprising results from raw footage, enhance audio & effects. Resonable rates-quick turnaround. Can manage a variety of formats and ship product as vcd, dvd, as well as many other formats.

-- Daniel Nadeau (Elextacy@attbi.com), January 20, 2003.

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