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If things seem a bit quiet around here, it's because there's a new alternate forum. Lusenet crashes too much, and we wanted soemthing more reliable. Come and check it out! Dairygoats

-- Goatlistener (, May 10, 2002


Yeah, sure! This one will be staying here, I just wanted everyone to know where to regroup when this one crashes.

-- Goatlistener (, May 11, 2002.

Could we let the new site get the kinks out before moving over to the new one? I mean, I hate the new site, and it hates me! I have to login before each response or it puts me down as Guest. Chuck is suppose to be working on it..................Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, May 10, 2002.

The new one hurts my eyes and those little yellow faces keep making faces at me.

-- Dee (, May 11, 2002.

I agree and it's hard to use.........I really like this one better, Jan Nordberg Coeur DAlene Idaho.

-- Jan Nordberg (, May 12, 2002.

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