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This may seem really silly...but what do you do with all that baling twine? I feed alfalfa square bales, and it really piles up! I burn it for the most part, of course keep some.

But really, anyone use it for something useful?

-- Patty (, May 11, 2002


My late Aunt Vicki used to make small circular throw rugs from twine. She'd make them sort of like a rag rug then she'd paint them and set them out on her porches, etc. Lets see, twine is sort of like duct tape, lots of uses. If I have time I will braid twine for lead ropes.

-- Bernice (, May 11, 2002.

That's cool about the outdoor rugs..I don't think I'm that motivated. I've made leads also, but not for awhile, maybe I'll do that again. Good idea. Wonder if I can coat them with something to make them not so rough....

-- Patty (, May 12, 2002.

you can coat them with beeswax , that will take some of the roughness out, just rub a bar on it,, soap may work also, till it gets wet. I use baleing twine for fuel in a smoker when I work my hives. Also use it for "stringing" milk jugs to take to the recycleing center

-- Stan (, May 15, 2002.

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