Week of May 12

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Week of May 12

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2002


I saw Joe Doan industriously pounding in the new Doan/accountability signs on 28 between the Mobil station and Hobo. Made me think of Burma Shave.

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2002

After reading the Freeman this AM, checked out League of Women Voters' website www.dnet.org, which was mentioned in 2 separate articles today about school board elections. If you enter 12412 as the zip code, the Onteora School District comes up, only its empty. We could fill it with each of our candidates' names and all sorts of text. Check out 12401 as a sample (however, out of 11 candidates, only one of Kingston's has bothered so far to respond). Once we get our text in there, we can just tell people to go to dnet.org and get lots of info. Happy Mothers Day!!! Are you a Happy

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

I tried to pick up the signs at John Joy and Sawkill, but they were too big for my car. Anyone got a truck to help out with?

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

Last nigth david Boyle on Woodtsock access TV evidently spilled the beans about Marino's son...perhaps he slandered the kid and perhaps Marino...We need to see if anyone has a tape copy of the show..unfortunately I did NOT tape it...Anyone with a woodstock/w hurley friend who might have the show on tape? Or who has seen it and recalls the language Boyle used? Tobe

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

Monday night BOE meeting at High School 7PM...Doan calls it a budget hearing...We know he was furious that the originally planned budget hearing was changed...probably upset his well-laid plans. We are guessing he'll trot out a bunch of seniors to complain...Need to get them to admit they got there by Doan's invitation and that they pay little or nothing with STAR helping. We need to have speakers talk in favor of the budget...Last gasp of Doan before the vote (not including his planned TV apperarances...) There may also be some more fallout from Doan's threat to the softball coach. See you there...huff... pufff Tobe

PS happy Mother's Day for all you of that persuasion :-)

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

One more item...I feel that adding a half-page add to the full page seems lkike obverkill..there already are a few comments about "why are you spending so much money on this campaign..."

So, unless I hear a strong need for more ad space, I will forget it and just get the 1/2 page in the Townsman and full page in the W Times... Doesn't mean we can't write letters, though... he he he.

Two nice letters in today's Freeman with good meeting coverage, to boot.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

Just so we're clear...

Joe Doan handed out his propaganda package when he came to meet the students. Under "Professional Licenses" he wrote:

I currently hold professional engineering licenses in New York, New Jersy, Colorado, and Wyoming.

So, yeah.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

I can share the docs from colorado and Wyoming that show he is NOT currently licensed as a professional engineer ...If anyone cares to write a letter about this...or to tell the world... Is anyone listening out there? Tobe

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

Are those docs from the Net, Tobe, or actually from live people at the agencies themselves? One cannot always trust information of that sort on the Net, and we need to know that the verification of his currenet status comes straight from the state licensing agency. I'd like a fax of them if they are from a source other than the automated Net look-up. My fax is 657-2366.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

Is there something about Marino's son that we need to know here? I don't get Woodstock cable. Do you think maybe the Koenigs usually tape this sort of program routinely? Or Menzies?

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

One doc I have is from the web...the Colorado web site..it could certainly be checked. I did (before january) check with NY State to confirm that Doan at that time was not registered, and they answered by return email.

The Wyoming answer came in an email from the State person in charge.

She answered my email question by return email.

I'll fax them both to you.

Please, if you have time tomorrow to call Colorado (or email them) perhaps it can be confirmed. Good idea, Carol. Tobe

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

Last Koffee Klotch in Shandaken went well Saturday afternoon. Lively conversation and good interactions. Thank you EVERYONE who participated and helped.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

Fax didn't come through, seems our fax cartridge just bit the dust.

But actually, now that I think of it the question is this: I have the opportunity to do letters tomorrow. I recall making a statement about something seamy (though verified) in Fred Perry's background last year, and they did not print it. I don't want to gamble losing a chance of a letter when I know they will print a positive one about the candidates. Perhaps I should keep my letter positive, and be one of the "good cops." I think that's a better choice for my letters than attacking Doan's license?

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2002

Doan has added five items to the agenda tonight...emphasizing his smear stuff, the Shaw report, etc. I am sorely temptyed to say out loud how he has lied to the students when he claimed to be currently licensed in four states.

Any comments...should i forget it? Last gasp in a public meeting...of course this will leave Doan et al a chance to reply in the press and on access TV this weekend...which they'll use anyway - with or without my remarks. Tobe

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

What are the agenda items for tonite?

Will there be public be heard?

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

agenda addendum: the regula agenda has not been seen yet, but I can only guess it'll have public be heard... Doan'a addendum: Mock elections (this gives me the opening to talk about lies to the students in his resume, if I choose to use it.) Superintendent investigation - What did we find out? Poley paving lawsuit...core borings music and art programs... SAYS/Phoenicia grant application...

Thought it was to be a budget hearing...he he he. Istead it's a chance for Doan to play politics. T.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

I've just added the 5/12 article on busing seniors to vote to the newspaper coverage thread.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Sent my letters off to the Freeman, Woodstock Times and Ulster County Townsman. Started them off with these radical notions from the NYSSBA site, which we must not lose sight of: " The New York State School Boards Association firmly states, "The primary purpose of the board is student academic success. " They ask that we define "the best that we can be" as the vision for the district. NYSSBA mandates that school board trustees "make schools and board meetings inviting places to be, where the business of the district is conducted in a fair, ethical and responsible manner that reflects service on the behalf of students."

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Hot off the press - the results of todays High School Mock Election!

Neil - 256 Kathy - 210 Marino - 150 Wilkins - 86 Rose - 81 Joe Doan - 64

Wow. What a trouncing!

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Is tonight's meeting at the high school at 7?

Just for your reference if you want to print out a copy, here are the two links to the web pages for the Wyoming and Colorado engineering license databases.

Wyoming licensing board Doan entry

Colorado licensing board

Knowing that we can't trust everything just because it is on the Internet (and because some people won't trust any information that comes out of Tobe!) I called the two boards this afternoon to confirm. Spoke with Ruth at the Wyoming board, (307)777-6155, who stated that his license expired in 1992. Spoke with Sydney in Colorado at (303) 894-7788, and she confirmed that Joe's license expired in 1994.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Carol, do you have Ruth and Sydney's last names?

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

numbers we got from hal were as follows: We were told there were two different counts, they took the lowest total?? Neil: 223 (must be the hot keyboards)

Kathy 204

Marino 198

Ostrander 84

Wilkens 80

Doan 67

which will it be..stay tuned. T.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Sorry, the first one gives Colorado, and the Wyoming form you can fill out is at this link

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

They didn't give last names, but since it is a formality to call and the websites are available with the infomation that Joe is definitely lapsed on the Colorado site, and not on the active roster in Wyoming, you may want to just copy down their first names and the agency phone numbers on your copies of the website print-outs for anyone who doesn't believe Multiple layers of factchecking if they come from our side.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

What Toby said, his results are accurate.

Doan's little "I'm an engineer in ALL of these places!" was also on the ballots for the mock election, submitted in his statements. I think that we should let the truth be told...spill the beans... hold him ACCOUNTABLE... but of course that could just be me being "biased". Harumph.

Three cheers to SAC for pulling off the election. I was at the high school about 6 am this morning, making copies and stapling about 1800 sheets together (felt like a billion) it was rushed and crazy and chaotic, but we pulled it off, and it went well... we would have been ready by Friday if SOME people *cough*DoanWilkins*cough* had given me their statements on time like everyone else. Other candidates *cough*Rose*cough* didn't send me a statement at all. Tallying was under the watchful eye off two, sometimes three faculty members. Counts and re-counts were taken, the whole process took about 3 and a half hours. Yay democracy!

We're trying to gather up the troops to come tonight, but it's rough, with AP tests this week and all that. I'm not even sure if I can make it, but I'm going to try my best.

See you all later (hopefully).

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

yes..I'll go for it tonight...will bring up (shock shock) the infamous softball field again.Engineering ethics be damned. tobe

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Licenses in full:

Joseph Doan has claimed before the school board and before the high school students that he is professionally licensed as an engineer in New York, New Jersey, Wyoming and Colorado. However, his credentials lapsed many years ago in Colorado and Wyoming.

Wyoming Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors Roster Search: I searched online, and Doan’s removal from the roster was confirmed by Ruth at 307 777 6155. She said his license expired in 1992. http://www.wrds.uwyo.edu/wrds/borpe/roster/roster.html

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Registrations I searched online and spoke with Sydney at 303 894-7788, who confirmed that Doan’s license expired in 1994. http://www.dora.state.co.us/pls/real/ARMS_Individual_Information? p_orig_board=41&p_board=41&p_license_number=11974&p_license_prefix=XXX

As of October 1, 2002, Joseph Doan’s professional license in New Jersey still showed his New Jersey address, despite his statement on candidates’ night that he has lived in the Catskills for over 15 years. The license had been expired at the October date when the website was last updated, but a check with the License Verification Line at 973-273-8090 says that he renewed his license on February 7, 2002. http://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/pels/engdir.htm

Mr. Doan’s New York engineering license is active and current.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Kemble and the Woodstock Times reporter (who was she?) in the Fair Isle sweater were slipped copies of the posting I made above recapping where the Doan licensing info can be confirmed. Don't know if they'll do anything with it, but at least they can't ignore it.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2002

Good going Carol...Heard today that people are interested in riding trhe Doan shuttle to take advantage of the ride from Olivebnridge and to pass out our literature while on the bus...Can we get commitments from olive folks to ride? Someone neede for each hour's shuttle...he he he. So, was last night a hoot, or what? Can we make this Wednesday's special meeting about Doan's bad behavior...it is about a trustee, isn't it? IT should be about him. don't know if Doris Thomas or Nick (or other witnesses) would come forth for that, but it's worth asking... It's Wed, 6PM at the high school...followed by a public session, so don't miss the "death rattle".

Weren't the students great last night...so powerful....and of course the election results are nothing less than fabulous.


-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

Due to conflicts in building use, the Special meeting on Wednesday is changed to Bennett at 6PM...Still no final word on how the exec session will be called - or what it's really about. Tobe

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

Dump Doan !!!!

Last night's meeting was great for showing our strength and resolve, but the horrible oppression of the lie made me feel sick. I'm busy tomorrow, so won't be there.......

Meeting at my house Thursday, 7pm, see last week's posting for directions.

The end game:

Candidate appearances !!! (Marino, you were great last night)

Get out the last of the signs & brochures

Full page ads this week, Freeman insert on Monday.

Phoning Sunday & Monday: there are about 80 sheets of 50 or so names. My take is that the easiest way to do this is to distribute the sheets as widely as possible so that people can call from home, over an extended period. I think phone parties are a great idea, but the main thing is to get the most people on the most phones in the least time, so all the folks who said they'd help out, this is when we need you.....and I think we should finish the phoning Mon so everyone can devote themselves on Tuesday to......

Poll Watching and Street Campaigning on Election Day !!!!!!

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

I spoke to Sue Rosen at WES about the OTA phoning. They have a list of 1900 names that was developed by their consultant, Townsend, as those most likely to vote for the budget. Their calls are happening this Thursday pm and Sun pm. So, we're in parallel with them.....

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

Shhh...meg and I will be away Thursday and Friday getting Lila from ohio...I hope the meeting on Thursday will finalize the poll watching and phone calling. we'll take sheets of names here (two phone lines worth).

The exec session is at bennett at 6PM..reason now given is to meet about the "employment history of a particular individual." Does this meanm Hal again? Or have they screwed up the language and are really aiming for a trustee? Or to smear Doris Thomas or Nick and refute his story, or what....??? Doan death sopiral includes putting signs everywhere and of course he'll overdo it (has already) and will appear like a monster.

One more good story about his craziness should do it! He tried to provoke at least three people into hitting him last night, Curry, Tom and Marino. Be careful out there. Tobe Neil, I hear you're getting a good rep at the Dairy deli...

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

Candidates reminder: Ruth Simpson Friday night at 7PM in Woodstock Sunday night with Gerry Ricci at 8PM...last gasp... T.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

Meg just returned from the Woodstock PTA..good meeting, and she learned that a core group of active parents is working hard to get parent voters out on Tuesday. I have sent the complete From the Record to help them with info. Keep on keepin' on! tobe

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

I won't be able to come to the Wednesday special meeting, much as I'd like to be there if only to bear witness. I'm taking the girls to an O Town concert in Po'keepsie. I would strongly suggest that a platoon of camcorders be there, and taping the whole of the public session. Hope there will be a detailed report here for those of us who can't make it.

I was a bit concerned by SOS's lack of control last night. We can NOT let them provoke us into anything, especially anything they can use against us. Before you respond to them on any level, take a deep breath, and say to yourselves, "I will not take the bait he offers." You know that is the way they operate. Do not let them manipulate you. Yes, we want to punch Doan. Even I was ready to rip him another asshole last night. "But if we do that, the terrorists win..."

Who was that woman who they tried to have thrown out, who looked like Rene Houtrides but the next size up? What was the issue she was trying to bring up -- just a procedural one, that what Doan was doing was simply not appropriate?

It was funny seeing the looks on the cops' faces when they were asked to go over and throw her out. They looked at each other with an expression of "oh shit, what are we suppsed to do here?" Reminded me of court scene in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: " "Here one ofthe guinea pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. (as that is rather a hard word, I will just explain to you how it was done. They had a large canvas bag, which tied up at the mouth with strings: into this they slipped the guinea pig, head first, and then sat upon it.)"

It was amusing to see that there is a person in the Onteora district who is not only unaware who Tobe is, but unaware that he is the Anti- Christ.

When Tom D'Errico was up talking, I was watching his daughter Desiree, who was just down the row from me. She was covering her mouth most of the time with a sort of "Oh DAD" look, but I think she was proud that her dad cared enough to fight for her. I was however, very upset to see that her reading material during the less exciting parts of the meeting was a fax of the Shaw and Perelson incident report on her experiences (um, when you are spinning you don't actually have to have your eyes quite straight ahead on what you are doing). It really bothers me that this child seems to have this who thing fried up for her and reheated over and over, instead of being able to move on. Granted, I don't know both sides, and I don't know where this thing is at these days or whether it was just another salvo in the "bring Hal down" chorus, but I fail to see how any of this serves the child's interests. I wish there was some way that this could be reframed so that the D'Erricos would finally drop it.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

I tried to restrain myself but at times it was undoable. I felt completely pissed when Dr. Malhia brought up Marino's son. It was wrong, inappropriate as well as probably illegal slander. i joioned Rick Hochman in yelling him down. But you are right...

I also was pissed when at the end of the meeting, whoi I later found out was Rose's husband, threatened me. I wanted to press charges but let it drop. What got me was that I was trying to resolve the issues between us and trying to find a common ground. We all drink from the same pond, you know. And I got good responses as well as dialogue from the other side in more civil conversation.

I agree with you Carol, we must control ourselves and I am the worst offender but at times I feel as though I am targeted because of my SOS presidency. We must try to offer the olive branch or we are just as stubborn as they are. I am all for trying to find common ground with many of these people. Some just thrive on the negativity but they are simply lost causes.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2002

It was really open season on students that night, wasn't it? Marino's son -- SLAP! SAC being biased -- SLAP! SAC kids in general -- SLAP!

Last year my election sign was stolen by someone who came onto my property 15 feet from where I was sleeping, and took the sign on Mother's Day eve. Some peoples' supporters were not very well raised, were they?

No online account on the board meeting yet, anything in print? I'll cut and paste this article into the newspaper coverage section later, on the unsafe Phoenicia playground

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2002

I was not pleased to see an article about unsafe playground equipment in the news this morning. Bad publicity in Phoenicia is something we don't need now. Who do you suppose released that info?

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2002

Anbyone coming to tonight's meeting at 6PM at bennett must be quiet in the face of provocations that are sure to come. Jim, this means you! They're looking to charge you or other SOSers with a criminal charge to discredit the candidates. DO not give them cause. Breath deep. They keep lying in the letters to the editor about expenses for litigation and sign stealing...The Doan lies never end.

[erhaps someone else - not me - would give the whole litigations expenses record to Hugh reynolds or the ediotr of the Freeman to debunk their outlandish lies...Do they care to say the truth in the paper when THEY have been hoodwinked into printing campaign lies? The search for truth continues.

Here's a copy of my latest Freeman/Record/Catskill Mnt News letter and what I have sent to my email list.

Read what the minutes of the Onteora Board of Education and the documented record show about Doan's behavior and his character. Partial List:

November and December 1999: In a memo, Doan falsely accuses the Director of Pupil Personnel and her secretary of fronting for private consultants while using the West Hurley fire hall for staff training sessions. West Hurley Fire Commissioners deny making the statements Doan attributes to them in his memo. In a public meeting the West Hurley Fire Commissioners reject Doan's assertions, saying Doan's memo is "not true".

June 2001: Doan secretly records phone conversation with attorney Kimberly Faniff without her permission. He plays a small portion of the tape to support his legal view on the temporary classroom leases. Doan refuses to play the entire tape or to make it part of the public record. Months later the board makes the tape available. The unedited recording shows that the attorney does not endorse Doan's legal views as he claimed and that Doan misled the district.

2000 - 2002: Doan promises four times to provide engineering plans for the girls' softball field. After SED says plans are needed, Doan never produces the promised drawings. It is reported in the Freeman and the Townsman that Doan was not registered as a Professional Engineer in NY when he offered to do the district's engineering. It is a violation of State regulations to practice as a professional engineer without being registered. Doan misled the district into thinking he was going to give them free engineering.

May 9, 2002: In a written statement published by the Woodstock Times, Doan fabricates conclusions he claims were part of a Feldman investigation preliminary report. No conclusions exist in the report, and an attorney in Feldman's office rejects the remarks as "not coming from this office." Cost to date for Feldman's ongoing investigations: Over $10,000.

May 2002: Doan hands out three pages of political propaganda in which he states, "I currently hold professional engineering licenses in New York, New Jersey, Colorado and Wyoming." Documents from Colorado and Wyoming reveal that Doan has not been licensed in Colorado for eight years, and he has not been licensed in Wyoming for ten years. Doan publicly admits he is not licensed in either state.

May 11, 2002: The Kingston Freeman reports that Doan allegedly "made threatening comments to the girls' softball coach" in the hallway at Onteora High School after the student Meet the Candidates session.

Had enough of lies and disgraceful behavior from Joe Doan? On May 21st, vote for Marino D'Orazio, Neil Eisenberg and Kathy Hochman for the Onteora Board of Education.

Here's a

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2002

Busy week, so, couldn't go last night. What happened? I'm in suspence! I hope everyone kept their cool. What surprises did the dumb Doan do?

I left message w/Ann Marie about phone calling on weekend. Someone please keep me posted.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2002

Not much to say..the board came out, adjourned the meeting, we went to the BI for a beer...School Parking lot antics of Doan were: threatens Wendy Stefano with a federal law suit because she inadvertently opened a piece of mail sent to him at the district office from a state agency that happened to be marked personal and confidential on the bottom...she sealed it immediately and wrote a memo explaining the mistake and apologizing. Now, THE DOAN will take her to federal court???It's to laugh...won't that make a great headline in the freeman.

he also tried to provoke, Marino into something by approaching his car and taunting him with something like " So, how many more of my signs to you have in your basement?" The boys were out in force...even Fred Perry...they left the meeting unhappy because whatever was promised didn't happen...heard muttering..."a license to steal...got away with it.." etc etc.

I picked up the flyers for the Doan bus service...every hour on the hour from the Olivebridge post office..and from Colonial Arms Hotel in Piner Hill..I hope we can find friendly faces to take pictures, ride the buses and hand out out literature, tell the truth about Doan's lies and hep us WIN! Picture or video needd so when they try to keep US off the bus we have proof for the press and for the courts (!)

We're off. Have fun Thursday night (tonight.) Tobe & Meg

PS two good letters...one good article today in Freeman.

he he he

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2002

Is the "good article" in the Freeman one covering Monday's meeting, or last night? Did an article on Monday's meeting appear at all? A search of the online articles not only shows it isn't there, but yetsterday's article on the phoenicia playground does not come up on a search for "onteora," although it is still accessible from the link above.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2002


The article comes up if you search on "Phoenicia".

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2002

New York Times today article on AB 2115, a bill in California that would be the first state law to ban all Indian mascots.

AB 2115 was voted out of committee and is headed to the floor for the state vote.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2002

The "Smoke Signals" special voting edition arrived in Olivebridge today. A local supporter initially played dumb on the issues, talked with his elderly neighbors about the flyer, trying to gauge their leanings. His feeling is that they will overwhelmingly vote for the Doanies, based on that fear-based flyer, and that there isn't much that can be done at this late date to counteract that. (Good timing on Doan's part, and something we need to remember for the future). Will this have any effect on how the candidates handle their interactions in the next few days? Wonder if it might be an idea to specifically refer to the "scary things" in the CARE flyer, and disarmingly counter them? We certainly seem to have done well in the letters department.

Don't know if I will be able to make it to the meeting tonight, we're having a birthday dinner for Alison.

Once again the Freeman Onteora article didn't make the front page of the online edition, though you can find it through a search. Mock election Still astonishing to reread Rose's remarks about SAC, and think of the un-elected board member criticizing participatory democracy.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2002

O.K. Now I'm pissed. Your right, Jim. When they use the "Taxpayers" cost for Special Education as their platform, my blood does boil. I am so angry right now I can't think!!! I challenge any of you to come up with an "educational" response to the little flyer sent out by the Doan camp so that I can print, copy and distribute it....What I do understand is that (politically speaking) you trash your opponent rather than pump up those you support. Howsomeever..., what I don't understand is when did Barbara Boyce and Hal Rowe add their names to those running for the board....We keep defending Hal, now we have to defend Barbara??? Isn't Kathy the one person who really understands the need for Special Ed, the children it supports, the funding required to enhance the program without the necessity of extraordinary funds??? Of course, how stupid of me....lets reduce special ed now and pay for the kids SSD...."Penny wise, pound foolish". I have so many thoughts rushing through my head, I can't believe it. I was "actually" thinking this morning on my way to work. Do I truly need something to personally effect me to get me motivated this year? Although the DOAN meetings get me going, this has set me off. Again, if you have any ideas for a response to the "Special Ed" flyer e-mail me asap. I will look tomorrow a.m. before I head into Kingston. Thanks guys. I also have a telephone....657-8171 and will be here until about 9:30.

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2002

For those of you who don't know to what Pat is referring...I picked up a few flyers at the West Shokan post office today that were posted outside on Doan's building. It says "Pro Special Education vote ...D'Orazio, Eisenberg, Hochman...Onteora Board of Education, May 21, 2002" "More Special Education...Higher Taxes" is repeated 9 times in 2 lines down the left side. The bottom says "We support Barbara Boyce in her effort to Bankrupt this community" A grapic appears on the literature that is the circle with a line through it with "taxpayers" inside the circle.

This is disgusting and reprehensible material which is notably unsigned. I feel we have the right to confiscate it and throw it away if it is left unattended in public places as it is unsigned and slanderous. If someone confronts you simply ask them if they are the author and, if not, then ask who is with a witness present. Let them know we will consider it slanderous consider actions if they own it or author it. That's what I call accountability! And mudslinging at it's worst!

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2002

Be careful out there....I heard an old song today that sounded appropriate.

"Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?"

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2002

Is this the same flyer a week ago at Dependable? Do the owners there really support Doan or is it an employee? I won't get gas there anymore. I hate Doan's sign as you turn into lot. it's a disgusting flyer! My reaction as a parent of a special needs child: here we go again. This is not new, our society forgets its most needy until it becomes personal, and its a step away from the trains and Nazi camps. this is alarming, I know, but a little history note...it wasn't the Jews, Christian supporters, homosexuals, intellectuals that went first...it was the disabled...the menatally chanllenged The gas chambers were tested in hospitals with doctors and nurses participating using the disabled as guinee pigs. This is all very disconserting....the mind set truly worries me.

I called every special ed parent I know and alerted them to the dispicable flyer and to destroy them.

Thank you SOS members for your compassion and support during these difficult moments. It's a moment when typically I feal isolated in my special interest group. For the first time, I feel part of a larger group, included and valued. This is the true essence of inclusion.

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2002

This whole campaign has brought out Joe Doan and his supporters' true colors. Whether they are Nazis or Ku Klux Klansmen or a little of each, the message of hate is clear. I have never experienced this level of immaturity, pure nastiness and divisiveness in my life. It is all I can do to keep my mouth shut until the election, but this has got to stop. I am fuming over the way I have seen them treat our supporters. The have attacked the students, teachers, SAC, board members, Hal Rowe, Barbara Boice, and their own proposals. Its disgusting, and everyone needs to know what they are doing. I'm sick about it.

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2002

Pat and Melissa -- it is truly despicable the way they are trying to play groups of people against each other, and you have our support. All Onteora students deserve to have their educational needs taken care of, not just some. I hope we'll have only a short time longer to have to deal with this nonsense.

When I cautioned about our reactions the other day, I did not mean to imply that no-one has a right to their anger. There have been some outrageous statements made, and we have every right to feel angry, especially when they continue to target kids. It's just that I want us to be very sure our _actions_ come from a more centered and deliberate stance, as any outbursts and loss of control can be used as more ammunition against us.

What's the story on being there to verify the counts on the voting machines? What times will that need someone there to bear witness? Do we need two people there at start and finish, or is one sufficient?

Where online are the regulations on campaigning near a school, and do we have measured distances from the front door or whatever is needed to verify any problems with that?

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2002

It appears that electioneering is banned within 100 feet of the polling place..Now that's probably complicated by being on school grounds..but maybe we can find out more on Monday from poor beleaugured Wendy. I am considering placing "Doan Lies" signs in various locations on Sunday and/or Monday.

I have been met with great interest at Hurley Ridge as I pass out literature about the Real Legal costs in the district (Doan's costs are now over $60,000) and Doan's lies and bad behavior.

I have printed up sheets, and can send a doc file to anyone who wants to do the same. Let me know by email. Tomortrow PM Meg and I are going door to door in our section of Glenford...I recommend this activity... Sorry to predict this, but I do predict Doan will sue everyone in sight when he loses!


-- Anonymous, May 18, 2002

All set in Shandaken for phone calling! Voter Registration list divided and distributed. Phoning will begin today. I have friends calling seniors they know personally in community to explain the budget and "the Doan" antics. The seniors I spoke to are listening and knew not to vote for Doan. Of course, I hang with a liberal croud. Spreading the word!

Good luck in these last days Candidates. Hang in there!

-- Anonymous, May 19, 2002

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