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Hi all, Mae got loose the other morning and we have a rhododendron plant in the yard. I am not sure if she ate some of the leaves or not. I can't tell (it may be), but isn't that poisonous to them? Anyway, she won't drink her milk or eat any of her grain. It looks like she's been eating dirt? Her mouth is all dirty. It has been raining like crazy and she's been inside all day. Any suggestions or advice?

-- Wendy Hodorowski (, May 13, 2002


Wendy I would give her Nutra drench and see if that helps bring her appetite back it is full of vitamins& minerals.Thats what it is for to get them back on track.Pam

-- Pam (, May 13, 2002.

Wendy even if she ate just a little, it destoys their rumens. Get her rumen working with Probios, 3 times a day 5 grams. I would also entice her to eat with yogurt or anything you can give her. Lots of good grass hay right now, no time to be filling a non working rumen with grain. Might want to give B vitamins for awhile to keep the toxins at bay and also to promote an appetite. If you have to go buy a good fresh "horse hay" quality bail of something do it. Black Oil Sun Flower Seeds, Beet Pulp, think roughage as you slowly start her back on grain. Loose minerals would be much better for her than dirt :) My girls will kill for the fresh dirt when we dig fence poles since our dirt down a couple of feet is iron ore!

Imagine how your stomach would feel if you had ate something poisionous. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, May 14, 2002.

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