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well, chuckers passworded the archives in CS,, so anyone not goign to "his" site,,doenst have access to it any longer. Question,, is this legal?? #2,, how can we get them back for public use?

-- Stan (, May 13, 2002


All the Old Questions (archives)info. on CS was accessible through a google search, before, haven't tried to see if it still is.

-- BC (, May 13, 2002.

he is suppose to move them to the new site apparently. This set up of his is good for everyone. New site for those that want it and lusenet is pruned back to what it was before the population explosion last year. It always functioned better after mass migrations and Chuck has apparently convinced hundreds to follow him. Remember when we could discuss a topic easily for a few days? With so many newbies, topics couldn't be properly discussed more than one day.

His move is like pruning back a rose bush, now to let the new growth take hold on both .

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 13, 2002.

BTW, the password protect is to protect the site until the move.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 13, 2002.

Jay, what means protect till the move? I recall that there are many CD's out there of the archives, and Phil in KS offers copies of a bunch of the forums as well. How could things be "lost" when there are so many copies available?

I think the move on the archives was unwarranted, and the official explanation is spin, and I'm annoyed because I came this afternoon specifically to find some info I remembered in an old post, and can't access it.

Could it be that it takes two to tango as well as two to keep a power struggle alive?

-- granny hen (cluckin along@, May 13, 2002.

what about the people that cant or wont make the move? they're shit out of luck??

-- Stan (, May 13, 2002.


Why are you whining? This is your doing. If you wouldn't have acted like an idiot all would be well.

After everything you have done you now act like your the victim.

I hope your enjoying yourself because this is the price for your behaviour

-- Happy Stan? (, May 13, 2002.

Granny Hen,

Contact Chuck and explain what you are looking for. He can give you access if he so chooses as he is the administrator of Countryside Forum and the password was his decision.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 13, 2002.

Granny Hen,

I think Chuck said the archive would be up at his site in a few days at the most.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 13, 2002.

Phil has back up disks for all the forums for $5.00, a very good deal in my opinion. That would be through yesterday for CS, so people don't need to miss a thing.

Mail $5.00 to:

Phillip McCoy

P.O. Box 433

Osawaltomie, KS 66064

-- diane (, May 13, 2002.

Thanks diane.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 13, 2002.

Good idea Diane, everything at your finger tips.


-- Susan in Mn (, May 14, 2002.

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