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My youngest has a little Nubian doeling who I've been eyeing closely and waiiiiiiting to kid. It's her first time, and she's sort of a pathetic thing...but, being the only Nubian in the herd (we have mostly French Alpines and LaManchas), as well as my dd's personal fav, I was really hoping all would be well! The "dates" of half the does got "lost" this year (read someone left the notebook in the barn, and it probably got thrown away or devoured! 8^P), so it was kind of a watching game. Usually I know exactly when to expect the girls to kid. This little girl seemed eminent for daaaays.

She finally kidded this morning! Phew!, all went well, and not one, not two, but three does! Yay, Meggie! (Nutmeg) :)

Only two more does to go!

-- Patty (, May 14, 2002


Hang in there Patty :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 14, 2002.

Cool, congratulations!

-- Susan in MN (, May 14, 2002.

I am jealous!!! I have NEVER in all my years had triplet does!!!!! I have had triplet bucks, quad bucks, but the most doelings I have ever had at a time was two. Congrats. I do love my Nubians, mouthy and all.

-- diane (, May 14, 2002.

Hi Diane! Another goatie person, how fun!

Y'know come to think of it, I've never has trip does either! And never quads, but like I said, we have Alpines and LaManchas so they really don't tend towards that. Even if you flush them.

Don't be too jealous, they are "experimentals", to say the least! Mom is actually a grade(75%), and since buck service is already a bit complicated with two major breeds, we AI'ed her..but she didn't settle. And I can't AI myself yet, and don't have a tank. It was getting late, soooo she was bred to one of our French bucks. The kids have.....interesting ears ;), and no roman noses, also, NOT Nubian "conformation". But, lovely front legs! (our Alpines give me trouble with this)

OK, sorry, I'll shut up about the goat talk, :)

Oh BTW Jay, this year is waaaay laid back compared to last year, we kidded 25+ girls and had...80+ dairy goats alone, this year I'm only dealing with, ummm 8, and herd is down to 20 something. Whew. :)

-- Patty (, May 15, 2002.

Ive been dieing for some fresh goats milk,,,,

-- Stan (, May 15, 2002.

well, could get a goat! ;)

-- Patty (, May 17, 2002.

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