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Hi Jay..............well, the group of people with the slow dial-ups is growing, and Web TV folks can't use the new forum. I just kind of jumped in here without asking but there are some who would like to come but don't know if they would be welcome cause they aren't single and looking :>). By the time I wait for the new forum to load now, it's time to get back to work. How do you disable graphics anyway?? Would that make a big difference?? Well, anyhow......what's the rules here???

-- diane (, May 14, 2002


you should have something that says, TEXT ONLY, or something like that,, think its in your TOOLS,, not sure though,, but all have been welcoem so far,, and there are some new forums on LUSENT also

-- Stan (, May 14, 2002.

Of course your welcome. A Country Place, Country Style Homesteading and BTS are still here also. Theres also CountrySide Family, Countryside II and Modern Country Homestead boards that opened up after the move (I have been checking out MCH to help get it up and running :>)

And its just not old machines. I have a 2.0 ghz system and the new site is slow as molassas for me. When you add features, you slow the system down. Matter of fact, since CS has been disabled with all the html coding, lusenet is responding faster.

As far as rules, the only real "rule" is "don't post on the "Introduction & Biographies" catagory unless your posting a singles profile (we use that to fill our dance cards from :>). Otherwise,adults act like adults and children will always act like children and break "rules". So if everyone will act mature as adults should, theres no need for it. When they act like children, then name calling and tantrums begin and some decide to "run away" and the site cools down and the adults will wait the tantrums out, so it solves its own problems without rules.

Hang out with us , share in the discussions and have fun. If you want to talk about stuff we haven't addressed before, start the thread and we'll make a catagory and wing it.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 14, 2002.

BTW, this simple philosophy has kept this site down to a simmer at all times.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 14, 2002.

I empathize with you and the others with slow internet connections, I wonder how many homesteaders suffer from the “last digital mile” syndrome, probably quite a few. My regional internet provider recently upgraded to a 33.6K modem and I have a 56K modem but the lines that connect slow everything down to a very slow crawl (5-6 Kps).

Texas has stated that they will make sure that all rural lines will be upgraded to handle 14.4K by the end of 2002. Oh! Yea!, by 2010 we may be past the dinosaur age.

-- BC (, May 15, 2002.

Oh! I didn't know about that "rule".

Well, now how can people introduce themselves if they aren't single? I like hearing about folks...single or not, lookin' or not. :)

You know, the new CS site loads slower for me that others with pretty much the exact same format, features, traffic, etc. Wonder if it's the server it is on?

Also, one other question, you mean as in html like posting pics, links, etc.? Is posting pics discouraged because of bandwidth? Surely links are no problem, but sometimes links are a bother. lol

-- Patty (, May 15, 2002.

Jay where did that rule come from? I don't ever renenber it being around. I say go right ahead and post an introduction BUT if you not single let us know. It would be awful if you really hit if off with somwone under the assumption that they were single and you later found out they were not. We ALL know what they say about assumptions but on this board we assume you are single/unattached unless you state otherwise. On another note that is similar, this is not necessarly a MEAT market either.

Everyone is welcome! I check out all the other sights too. And yes, the new CS forum is VERY slow. Let others know there are alternatives over here on Lucnet. Funny, and Jay alluded to it but we haven't had any of that "troll" action here. There have been some who have tried to be antagonistic and because we ignore the snide remarks and let the childish behavior pass un-noticed it dies a quick death. So if people want to stir the pot they should go else where. This one is hard to stir!

-- Susan in MN (, May 15, 2002.


I guess that would work on intros. Just trying to avoid embarassing potentials was all.

As long as I'm here , this can only be a meat and potato market, cause with my situation, I'm sometimes a "vegetable" :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 15, 2002.

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