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Does anyone have info on the Canadian Millwright Exam For Ontario???

-- R.jill (, May 15, 2002


Well, I can't give you the questions now can I? Tests will vary in a given area, however, expect a section on math, rigging, welding procedures, blueprint reading, and machine nomenclature at minimum. We give a test based on the same questions our graduating apprentices take. Ther are no shortcuts to be a journeyman, study hard. Regards, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, January 31, 2003.

When you ask for help on this message board it is simply posted to the board. If you need assistance try e-mailing directly to some of the great millwrights who have posted answers at their e-mail address. Regards, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, October 16, 2003.

Well, it will probably be the last time if you prepare properly. Having done the test you now understand the format and areas you will be questioned on. I know of some who have failed simply because they failed to follow directions properly. (One of the things you are being tested on.) If the instructions say carry an answer to three decimal places youe answer is not 3 or 3.0, it is 3.000!

Test 'jitters' are common and easy to understand when facing the unknown. You now have a much better idea of what to review and probably a recollection of the areas where you needed better preperation.

I think you will do much better next time. Best Regards, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, November 24, 2003.

please contact the ministry of training,colleges and universities ontario phone 416 326 5605 also visit websites of community colleges like humber and seneca

bye prabhu

-- prabhudv (, July 01, 2002.

i wrote the test in 1990, interprovincial as well, two seperate exams.i took a millwright refresher which was basically the same exam. scored 72% and 79%. what do u need to know

-- cabby (, October 27, 2002.

Looking for info. on questions that may be on the exam

-- Bill Counsell (, January 28, 2003.

i am writing my test shortly any help would be great e-mail me

-- john (, October 15, 2003.

I am currently studying for the Millwright EXAM. Any help would be appreciated also!

-- GLEN (GLENGOBIN@HOTMAIL.COM), November 18, 2003.

im going to do the test again in Dec.. i failed the first 1... got a 62% the weird thing is out of the 12 people in the class only 1 passed the exam. anyone else hear storys like this? as for the test i was nervous as hell... dont know why but i was honestly now looking back i dont think it was all that bad. i just hope it will be the last time i go do this exam.

-- Dave (, November 22, 2003.

i am about to take a millwright test at work. is there a general test that i can study or order??

-- wayne stanley (, November 30, 2003.

me again........ i just found out that i again failed my a 65% this time , if any one can remember questions from when they went to wright could you please email me with them or even better... if you live in the brampton or surrounding areas email me so we can talk. we are here for each other. so if anyone can help that would be great.

-- Dave (, December 05, 2003.

The first question that is asked on the Exam is on ordering steel I think.. does any one remember the question I am talking about..It asks if you were to order (this is just a figure that comes to mind) not the real number 1435cte16 what would you be ordering.. A. cold rolled steel B. rebar. C. L-Shaped rebar D. High Carbon Pipe. If you know what the question was please e-mail me back at..!!

-- Dave (, December 29, 2003.

I don't understand the problem people are having writing the IP, here in Manitoba we have a 99% pass rate and the test is no different here than it is in any other province.

-- Paul Stratus (, January 21, 2004.

Hi Guys and Girls..!!!

Changes to anything on any piece of equipment should always be recorded in the maintence log..Correct..??..Also with a 1" inch W.R. Sling which one would give 100% lift, single vertical, basket,choker or 2 legged bridle sling. If anyone out there can help with this question please e-mail me back.I will be writing the Inter-Provincial Exam on Friday,February 6th.

Joe Le Blanc

Etobicoke, Ontario.

-- Joe Le Blanc (, February 05, 2004.

Hello Guys..

I finally passed my Millwright Red Seal Exam on Friday, Feb,06/04. It feels good to finally be able to put the books away for a while and get some much needed R and R..

I wish everyone the best in their up coming Exams..Especially Dave..!!!! lol..


-- Joseph A. Le Blanc (, February 13, 2004.

Hi Everyone.... Just to let you all know I have Passed the Exam. If anyone needs any help or would like to ask some questions, Email me and I will help you out anyway I can... Good luck

-- Dave (, March 10, 2004.

I going to do my test next month. If you want to help me with some questions please send me some to my email at Thanks! Holmes

-- Holmes (, April 02, 2004.

I had a exam last month ,scored 82 ,61%. I will have exam again by june 9,2004.I will write some questions, if any one gives for that questions, i will appreciate.Thank you.I want to know especially first questions It asks if you were to order (this is just a figure that comes to mind) not the real number sch 1435cte16 what would you be ordering.. A. cold rolled steel B. rebar. C. L-Shaped rebar D. High Carbon Pipe 2)What is the aim of using birdcaging in cranes? 3)If there is too much water in air receiver, what is the reason for it? a} air is too cold b }leaky in inlet valve c}leaky in outlet valve d}intercooler water tap is left open 4) What is the Mig welding advantages according to arc welding? 5)What is the first step in babbit bearing? 6)What is the reason for noisy neutral flame? lack of O2, lack of acetilen , O2 pressure high, 7)Which one is the most dangerous cutting way to cut wire infirst 6 inches ? Metal hack saw, O2 welding, elec. hand grinder, Nippler...

-- ray (, May 13, 2004.


this millwright exam is so weired sometimes it is hard to make sense of question what the hell he is asking .I appeared 2 time i got 69%. now i have some questions from the exam if any body like to share his questions can contact me.

-- kk (, May 21, 2004.

Hi there

i'm back again to make a correction that my id is

-- jag (, May 23, 2004.

COuld anybody please email any questions they remember from the exam to my email I am trying to help my boyfriend prepare for his upcoming exam..... Thanks a million

-- Shannon (, June 24, 2004.

Hi everybody

Oh finally my nightmare is over i got my millwright in third attempt. All with the help of DAVE .Thanks a lot Dave for your precious help. Also thanks to the creators of this site. Any body needs help please feel free to contact.

Bye everyone.

-- Jag (, June 28, 2004.

I am going to write my millwright exam soon if anyone can help me that would be great thanks Tony.

-- Tony Helm (, July 02, 2004.

I will be writing my test July 16 in Windsor I took a millwright prep course at St Clair College heard there are 6 different tests they can give you any one that could help me it would be appreciated.thanks

-- Leo Rumble (, July 06, 2004.

Need some questions and answers on millwright in preperation to write trade test.

-- Karl Sing (, August 17, 2004.

I Need some questions and answers on millwright in preperation to write trade test,thanks

-- g (, October 10, 2004.

I need some questions and answers on millwright in preperation to take millwright exam. Thanks

-- mike (, October 13, 2004.

I am going write my millwright exam at end of january 05 if any one has some info to help me could please send to me thanks Tony

-- tony (, January 03, 2005.

will be writing for my Millwright ticket at the end of april any info on questions and answers would be appreciated

-- jonathon (, February 03, 2005.

Hi, my husband is writing his test on Tuesday Feb. 22. I can see that he is starting to get a little nervous. A few of his buddies have written the test and so far all have just passed. A couple of them wrote down some qustions that they could remember. I made a test out of it for him with approximately 165 questions on it. Maybe I could exchange with someone these questions for there? He seems to be worried about formulas... Thanks Loranger

-- Loranger (, February 20, 2005.

My hsuband has been study right out of the book, he just found out he failed for the 3rd time. He got 69% a pass is 70 He has 1 more chance to write. Would you be interested in sharing your questions? Any help appreciated! Michelle

-- Michelle (, March 08, 2005.

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