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Well we have finally got some weather that has broken the 70 degree mark. Today was day three, so I opened the coop door and let the little ones out into the sunshine and the big world of their dog kennel. That is their temporary run for now until they are fully grown.

It is funny, I have 5 different breeds of standard chickens, Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, Silverlaced Wyandotts, Plymouth Rocks, and Rhoad Island Reds. Each breed seems to have it's own personality. The rocks seem the friendliest, but the buffs are curious. I just think chickens are fun to watch. They like to come up and peck my fingers and shoe laces. The ducks, we have two, Silver Appleyards, are pretty much afraid to come out right now. They just watch. I need to make a ramp for them, they don't jump as easily as the chickens do.

I finally really enjoying this sunshine and warm weather. I sure hope this is it for the spring/summer. Still no leaved on the trees but they all have huge buds on them. I think my Eagels have babies. I saw one of them swoop in with a fish a little while ago. I can hear them crying up there in the nest too! I'm sure they'll come visit as soon as they are able to fly, they usually do.

-- Susan in Mn (, May 15, 2002


We have had the mildest winter, and a really early spring! Still in drought conditions but recent rain fall has helped.

I really should retire from the livestock and poultry. There are too many to feed, and too many to tend, but everytime I sit down to make a list of who will go. . . . . .the stay list is the only one with names on it. Like you, I just plain and simply enjoy the critters. I can go out to the chicken house or into the fields, and just sit for long periods, watching the animals interact. I really zone when I'm watching the mothers with their babies, and how they communicate with each other.

The chickens are such hard working little creatures. They never stop. It is humbling to watch one for any given amount of time.

-- Granny Hen (cluckin, May 15, 2002.

Granny Hen, you sure sound like me. I think I will be milking these goats when I am 80 (if I live that long) I just plain can not imagine life without critters. Been without them a brief few city years and about went crazy.

-- diane (, May 15, 2002.

Hi Susan Ithink spring might get here finally!I have a banty hen hatching out as i type!Nothing fancy just an old barn yard hen,but it is a sure sign of spring here!Have had a bald eagle staying near my marsh the last two days.Sure is impressive!Have a good day.H

-- highland (, May 15, 2002.

And my worms are just chicken feed and fish bait :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 16, 2002.

Granny I couldn't agree with you more. On a warm summer evening I love to go and just commune with the critters. My one goat is free to run the place and she is so funny. When I go and get the hay for the llama she runns and dances around me and the wheelborrow. She plays with the dogs and pretends to butt and ram them and they chase and play with each other. The other day I put some scratch grain for her and the goose in a bowl. Well, she had no interest in sharing with the goose and grabbed the goose by it's tail and moved it out of the way. The goose kept coming back and trying to get some of the grain. Petunia kept shoving the goose and grabbing it's tail to move it. Very funny to watch! They weren't fighting but it was like little kids.

-- Susan in MN (, May 16, 2002.

Wow, Eagles.....I envy you guys. Saw lots of Eagles when I lived in the PNW, not many here. :(

And, you have me thinking of baby chicks, (which I told myself I wouldn't do!)....maybe just a few....but NO cornish crosses this year. gack.

I'm thinking some Standard Blue Cochins would be nice, and a few more Brahmas, and some know I should get something crested also...Oh, and we lost the really cute bantie...And I want a bourban turkey! And maybe a couple more Indian runners....

See? It's dangerous. ;)

-- Patty (, May 16, 2002.

Patty I used to have standard blue cochins, I used to have all standard cochins, love that breed. No one around here has them to sell and I didn't order from Murry McMurry this year :( The breeds I have now are new to me so it is fun to see their personalities.

Yes, you should get a few chickens! No farm should be without at least a half dozen.

-- Susan in MN (, May 16, 2002.

Oh darlin, I have way over a dozen already! ;)

-- Patty (, May 16, 2002.

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