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Since Susan has posted for a new catagory, I thought of one for us too. How does Mens Issues, Hygiene & "Pig " Grunts sound?

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 16, 2002


or "favorite places to scratch",,"etiqite when peeing outside"

-- Stan (, May 16, 2002.

Do we have a second for adding scratch etiquette ?

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 16, 2002.

guys. ya gotta love em......:)

-- Annie (, May 16, 2002.

Make that scratchin' AND spittin' etiquette!

Pig grunts. Reminds me of a joke sent to me today.

A man is driving along a road in one direction, and a woman comes along from the other. As they pass in the road, the woman leans out her window and yells, " PIG!". The man looks back and yells, "BITCH". The man continues down the road, goes around a turn, and runs smack dab into a large pig in the middle of the road.

Moral of story - - Men should listen more.

-- Granny Hen (cluckin, May 16, 2002.

At least he brought home the bacon :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, May 16, 2002.

Aye, manly yes but I lik'um too! Love the joke Granny!

-- Susan in MN (, May 17, 2002.

Guess y'all heard about the MEN'S hygiene deodorant spray? It's called "Umpire", and it's for foul balls.

-- joj (jump@off.c), May 20, 2002.

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