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I have s small porcelain sculpture of two herons, pale green glaze. The artist's name on the bottom is Claire Lerner. It is copyrighted and numbered at CL261. Does anyone know anything about her, or the value of this item? Thanks You.

-- Joni Zimmerman (, May 19, 2002


She is a not very good photographer in Monterey CA. She tries other mediums as well.

-- mona (, July 02, 2002.

I think this is probably a different Claire Lerner than the Monterey photographer. She is a California potter from the 1920s. I have a 2- piece set, heron sculpture with a shallow bowl, very striking. You float lotuses or gardenias in water in the bowl. Color of mine sounds the same as yours and is numbered CL260, so possibly one was created one right after the other. An appraiser recently suggested a value of $200, possibly higher, for the set.

-- Sudsy Teague (, October 19, 2002.

I also have a Claire Lerner heron sculpture (mine is CL261, w/o a bowl but it may have had one originally). I have dated it to the late '40s - 50's. Given the style and glazing and the information available as to when she was operating her own pottery I think this is closer to the correct date than '20s, but I haven't been able to narrow it much more than that. Hope this is helpful to you!

-- Courtney Deines-Jones (, December 23, 2002.

I have a kind of free form dish/bowl in a darkish green glaze that is dated 1952. I don't know much about it but love it in any case.

-- Heath (, February 20, 2003.

Claire Lerner made many different pottery from 1939 to 1954 that can be purchased on the market. The item you have is RESALE valued $145- 180. The condition must be near perfect.

-- (, March 01, 2003.

I have a 12 1/2 in.wide by 2 3/4 in. deep, dark green flower design bowl. Dated 1950 and numbered 226, signed Claire Lerner. I love it. I also know nothing about her or the piece. I have learned some things from this web page. Thanks.

-- xxxxxxxxxxxxx (kgashley@aristotle .net), March 16, 2003.

We reciently acuired a nice piece potted by claire lerner dated 195 L- 25 also has classic and california and yellowsh in color looks like you could float flowers in it about 16in long and 7in wind and about 5in deep, if any one knows about it I would greatly appriecate it. its such a beautifull peice.

-- DeAnne Acord (, April 05, 2003.

I have a three piece vase set. Raised red roses with silver/opaque stems and leaves. Mfg. patent pending.

-- Diane Stadler (, May 25, 2003.

I am looking for any information about a Claire Lerner piece. It consists of a low dish with a 2nd piece of a doe and fawn. The set is in a yellow-green cermaic glaze. It is marked CL251 and dated 1951. It is in excellent condition.

-- Mark Salem (, June 03, 2003.

Correction: the CL251 piece is dated 1950.

-- Mark Salem (, June 03, 2003.

I recently acquired 2 12 inch tall jade green glaze figurines. They are dressed in ancient Chinese attire and are playing mandolin type instruments. The female figure is signed Claire Lerner/236/Calif. The male is also signed Claire Lerner/234/C50 and California is spelled out. I would love to learn more about this artist and value of her work. Thanx! .......M.E.

-- M.E. Kienast (, June 28, 2003.

I can find a great deal of info for you, however, I am only available now on a finder's fee basis. I am not trying to sell you anything or rip you off. Just letting you know what I have to offer.

I am good at what I do and have located information for many artifacts and STUFF. Let me know. Thanks

-- Dr Zen (, June 29, 2003.

I am not sure how many pieces of this particular pottery was made. I have a set (3 pieces) of the Claire Lerner sculptures. One piece being a sculpture of two herons, 8 inches tall, pale green glaze. With that, a matching shallow bowl measuring 14 inches in length by 7 inches wide, (numbered 215) and lastly, a matching candlestick holder (numbered 232). I am interested in selling this set as I am not a collector. Thank you.

-- C. Seifert (, September 15, 2003.

I have a black rectangular flowered bowl. CL210 date 1950 in perfect condition does anyone know the value?

-- Marie Martin (, October 04, 2003.

I have a free form, rectangular, Claire Lerner, Calif. flower bowl, about 2 1/4 " high, l3 inches long across the top, and10 inches at the widest width. The pale green glaze is completely checked. Would this piece have any value, and what might that be.

-- Mrs. G. Tanis (, November 28, 2003.

I have a dish made by Claire Lerner. It is burgundy in color. My dish was made in 1950. I would like some information on this dish. I am very interested in finding out what the value would be on this dish.It is copyrighted and numbered at CL216. The dish is about 10 inches and about 2inches deep sort of the shape of a half moon with scuptured edges

-- Mimi Wruck (, March 23, 2004.

I also have a Claire Lerner piece that was already in the house I purchased. The previous owner had several pottery pieces I am now reviewing. Mine is also CL 251, 1950 but I so far have only found the large shallow bowl in yellow-light green color. According to other posting I may still need to find another piece to go with it.

-- Nancy Marquess (, January 02, 2005.

Just today I picked up a very abstract, dark green glazed piece marked Claire Lerner Calif. 1952 CL270. I could use some input on Ms. Lerner if you discovered anything along your way. Thanks.

-- Janette Cade (, March 08, 2005.

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