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We have a Buon Caffe 330 machine purchased from Starbucks 6 years ago. The "shower Head gasket" has failed with hot water spraying everywhere during the brewing stage. Starbucks kindly sent us a new gasket a few years ago. This is the second one and when I called Starbuck warranty servcice Dept. we were informed that they no longer service or provide parts for these macines since the Buon Caffe company no longer exists. The machine is perfect for our needs otherwise.

Anyone have any leads on one of these crticial parts for this macine?

-- Ray Lord (, May 20, 2002


Ray you may be able to find this type of gasket at a plumbing store or througha McMaster Carr or Grainger catelog. My neighbor moved and gave me a model 330 less the instructions. Do you still have a copy, and if so would you be able to e(mail) me a copy or snail mail.

ANy help would be appreciated.

Dominic B (

-- Dominic B (, August 27, 2002.

Ray, I have purchased the Buon Caffe 330 about 4 years ago and have lost the directions. Sorry I don't have any idea where to get a new gasket, but do you have the basic instructions. Would you mind e- mailing to me. Thanks in advance and sorry I couldn't help you..

-- Francine (, October 15, 2002.

I have a users manual for the Buon Caffe 330 machine. I have found my gasket has deteriiorated where the steaming wand attaches to the machine proper. Is there any new info on where to get one that will fit? I will copy my owners manual and mail it to anyone who needs one, (within reason) Madelyn

-- (, February 10, 2003.

steaming wand seals are standard "O" rings, available at any hardware store.

My "brew head" gasket has also failed and I am sorry to hear that parts are not available.

-- Gregory W Mathiesen (, February 19, 2003.

I recently picked up an old 330 model, but do not have the directions. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to e-mail me a copy.

Thanks ~ Mike

-- Mike (, June 03, 2003.

If anyone would be kindly e-mail me user guide for Buron Caffe 330 it would be wonderful. I recently pick it up and there is something wrong with it.


-- Alex Bornow (, July 17, 2003.

I have an answer on where to find the main gasket. Contact Action Small Appliance in Seattle (206-448-2020). Ask for the "Krups Type 962 1/2 round seal" is about $5 and works perfectly. I am eternally grateful to these guys since they are the only ones that gave me the right answer when I did this search last year.

-- Caroline (, January 28, 2004.

ust got off the phone with Action Small Appliance in Seattle (206- 448-2020). They have the brew group gasket and the steam wand O- rings. About $9 = shipping.

-- Dennis Shellhouse (, February 03, 2004.

If anyone ever got a copy of that manual, can you please e-mail me one or get in touch with me? Thanks.

-- BC D (, September 18, 2004.

If anyone has gotten a lead on a manual--or just some basic operating instructions for the model 330, I sure could use some guidance. Thanks!

-- Dale Hill (, September 25, 2004.

The Buon Caffe 330 by "Estro" was manufactured for Starbucks at the Krups OEM plant in Switzerland. If you look closely at the Krups Novo series espresso makers, esp. the older models like the Krups 964 and the KRUPS Novo 2100 Plus F962, you can see the resemblence.

The biggest problem is that getting parts for a Krups is just about as difficult as getting parts for a Ferrari, Starbucks other "has been" manufacturer (Starbucks Proteo Grande). However, parts like the steam wand, portafilter, brewbasket and brewhead gasket are identical to the old Novos, and can be ordered directly from Krups. Also, the long sought after User's Manual can be downloaded from many different websites, including http:// (Krups Novo 2000 Plus) Hope this helps.

-- You kidding me? (, November 10, 2004.

i have had the buon caffe 330 close to 9 years . it's a great home machine , of course that depends on the brand of coffee you use , the grinder must be adjustable,and you have to get to know the machine . i found my answer on this site as to where i can find the main gasket. i no longer have my instruction manuel,but i never read it anyway. this is a very easy machine to use.all of you who are searching for help in the operation of this machine can feel free to email me with any questions you may have . BRUNO.

-- Bruno Cesare (, December 13, 2004.

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