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For all of you who are married and are planning on having kids, I would strongy recommend two albums by Cary Landry, "Hi God" and "Hi God II". They are gospel songs, and most of the songs include children singing. They are so beautifull. I remember listening to them as a kid (not too long ago), but I recently dug them up and was listening to them again. Have any of you heard this?

In Christ.

-- Jake Huether (, May 24, 2002


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-- jake huether (, May 24, 2002.


Thank you, sounds good. I will look into them. I love gospel music!

BTW, how do you do that "To the Top" thing? MaryLu

-- MaryLu (, May 24, 2002.


Thanks - I know you will not be disapointed by the songs!

To "go to the top", I just respond to my own question - and that puts it into the "new answere" section.

Hope that helps.

In Christ

-- Jake Huether (, May 24, 2002.

Here is a site where you can buy them at. Or at least look:)

In Christ

-- Jake Huether (, May 24, 2002.

Ques: Is Landry a song writer also as his name rings bell?

-- Jean Bouchard (, May 24, 2002.

Jake - I must be out of it for of course he is a song writer forgot to input what I was scanning on the thread.

-- Jean Bouchard (, May 25, 2002.

Pic and bio of Carey Landry and Mrs. Landry at

Carey is a laicized priest -- like several of the guys who joined him in contributing to the ubiquitous "Glory and Praise" hymnals of the 1970s. G&P volumes were repositories of a mixture of beautiful works and banal, simplistic, folk-songy bombshells (including most of Landry's efforts, even though they are much loved by some of the public).

Some from the former "Rev." Carey are ----

I Will Not Forget You
Peace Is Flowing Like a River --- {oof!}
Hail Mary, Gentle Woman --- {eek!}
Great Things Happen
By Name I Have Called You --- {good!}
Abba! Father!
And The Father Will Dance --- {don't think so!}
Dance In The Darkness
Everyone Moved By The Spirit
Happy Are They
In Him We Live
Jesus Is Life
Lay Your Hands
Like A Seal On Your Heart ---- {good!}
Psalm 133: Oh, How Good
With What Great Love --- {good!}
You Have Been Baptized In Christ

-- (Lover@ofGreat.Hymns), May 26, 2002.

I sure who the Father will Dance when we all come home! I love Carey's songs and this one is a great way to end quiet meditation. But then I grew up with him, John Michael Talbot. Don Francisco and the St. Louis Jesuits.

-- Nike Myrick (, November 08, 2002.


-- ROSE FITZGERALD (, May 13, 2003.

I, too, am looking for some of Carey Landry's songs as well as some by Joe Fortunate (he did the lyrics.)Our daughter is pregnant and would like to get some of the music from her First Communion since they are great children's songs and use them for her child's Baptismal Mass. If anyone follows up on this e-mail and has some directions I can take, please write. I know one album with many of the songs was "Songs For Christ Our Life" copyright 1971, Parish Productions, Inc. All assistance will be so appreciated. The baby isn't due until November but our search is on! Thank you.

-- Dianne Kain (, May 30, 2003.

Here is a place to get the "I Will Not Forget You" CD. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. And for the Hi God! Series,

I hope this helps. If you get, "I Will Not Forget You", listen to the song, "Brother Jesus". It is the most moving love song I have ever heard to Our Lord Jesus.

-- Tony Walsh (, June 19, 2003.

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