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We have just bought a 40s ranch-style home in Arlington, VA with original kitchen, includng metal cabinets. We have been thinking about refinishing the cabinets, since they're in good shape and fit with the style of the house. According to the label, they were made by Miller Metal Products, 2215 Russell street, Baltimore, Serial #31620. We'd appreciate any advice on restoring and/or adding cabinets of the same type. Thanks, Bill Santry

-- Bill Santry (, May 26, 2002


Bill- I don't have an answer,but by now you do! We ae faced with similiar problem . we have "Artmetal" cabinets made in James town NY. Our house was built in 1930 and I can't locate any artmetal comapany in James town. So did anyone give you a solution? and would you be willing to share it? Thanks, Charlie

-- Charles Hallgren (, October 26, 2002.

I am remodeling my kitchen in which I have St.Charles Cabinets. I am having a local autobody painting company take them. They will fill, sand and enamel bake paint along with a poly finish. They should be better than new.

-- Alicia Lahti (, August 01, 2003.

I have answered earlier but found another source which turned out better. There is a company that comes to your home when the cabinets are all in place and they electrostatic paint your cabinets inside and out. Look for someone in the area that does electrostatic painting.

-- Alicia Lahti (,), October 06, 2003.

We're living in the home my husband grew up in - circa 1948. Youngstown steel cabinets throughout the kitchen -- 27 in all. Contact was an appliance painter from Ft. Mill, SC. Electrostatic painting of all exterior surfaces once I cleaned them with 409 and removed all handles was $1750. Well worth the cost. Painter should tell you he/she will cover all exposed flooring, windows, door openings with cotton sheets. Should also tell you that there must be an open window for his/her exhaust fan. Do NOT plan to do this when you cannot vent the house the next day via open windows overnight. You won't want to stay in the house until the paint has thoroughly dried. Cabinets should be dry to the touch when the painter leaves, dry to reapply handles after 24-48 hours depending on the humidity level in the home. MY cabinets looks absolutely fabulous. As a matter of fact the contractors I had hired to do the rewiring of the kitchen, refinishing of the floors and the removing of a wall said they would not have done what I did on a bet! They are all impressed. OH, one more thing: the paint should be of "automobile" finish quality. Check your better business bureau for references of quality refinishers.

-- Sheryl Mills (, November 22, 2003.

Don't have an answer, but I have a question. I bought a 1927 2 story home. From talking to the second owner of the home, his Mother had put in steel metal cabinets from Youngstown and green tile counters. The next owners tore them up and put in wooden cabinets (cheap looking) and I hate them. I'm getting ready to remodel my kitchen and would like to know if anyone knows anything about this company and where can I get metal cabinets from them or other metal cabinet replacements. Thank you.

Marina Castillo

-- Marina M. Castillo (, August 12, 2004.

We have a 2cabinet/4 drawer GE metal cabinet set for sale. It is part of a complete set in very good condition. The drawers work perfectly.

Lawrence, Kansas 785 843-0103

-- Richard Heckler (, October 02, 2004.

I am glad to hear that so many people have this type of cabinet. I have them too but I don't like them. I am only 33 years old and my grandmother didn't even have these cabinets. Mine are in really good condition with only a hand full of rust spots no holes. If anyone is interested in 50 sq feet of St Charles cabinets, please email me.

-- Nancy Ruiz (, October 18, 2004.

I saw the postings about the electrostatic process - in the home. My understanding was that this is synonymous with powder coat painting and the items are baked in a 400 degree oven. Our local place does it that way. This means, btw, that the particle board core in a St Charles door would be ruined, and so this can't be done to a door. Can anyone give me some details?

-- Betsy C (, November 30, 2004.

Don't confuse powder coating with electrostatic painting. Refinishing metal cabinets in-house is very easy and cost effective with electrostatic painting. The process uses a wet solvent based paint. No baking or oven curing required.

-- Bruce Tamlyn (, November 30, 2004.

Maybe a silly question:

With electrostatic painting- do you run the risk of it "wiping off" or fading over time? Can you clean them just like normal.

I just bought a Lustron home, and am considering this process...but as of now the paint on the cabinets is delicate- it seems as if they may have been's hard to tell. But when I wipe them paint smears a bit on my spounge. So if I do electrostatic painting will it be a solid restoration?

Thx. Becky Mpls, MN

-- (, December 02, 2004.

Electrostatic painting is a process that reduces overspray. The electrostatic painting process has nothing to do with the paint adheshion or durability. Thew durability is determined by the quality of the paint used. I have a electrostatic painting company and we have sprayed thousands of kitchen cabinets and metal objects. If car paint is used the durability is the same as your car. If interior house paint is used alkid oil base you have the durability of a homeowners paint job. My company has sprayed everything from the Newyears Eve ball (yes it is not all crystal it is mostly silver metalic paint ) to the Benjamin Moore Labs to the New Time Warner Building inside window mullions. The quality of any spray painting job is 25% prep 50% paint & primer and 25% skill of mechanic .

-- Jeffrey Maron (, January 17, 2005.

I had a St. Charles kitchen redone by a company that does electro- static painting to file cabinets and metal desks. They did a great job!!

-- michael o'mara (, March 13, 2005.

Hi, I have a full set of metal cabinets including a lazy susan needing refinishing. They have been painted. There is some rust on one. Email me if interested. --Jenny Michalak

-- Jenny Michalak (, March 14, 2005.

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