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Time to give it up, guys? I don't know if it's rabbit meat, but this forum sure smells like dead something...

-- Dalton (Dalton@hotmail.com), May 28, 2002


The only one that went "down the rabbit hole" on 9/11 was GW Bush, so if something "stinks" then it is probably him. The rest of the Gore supporters that were here have been "diverted" to a safer forum where the trolls, closet nazis, and ploy artists that infiltrated this forum get "destroyed" immediately. Not that we have given up on this "battlefield", but we just like to let the enemy collect here so we can take names. Most of them are "cowards" anyway, and won't leave a real E-mail address, but there is more than "one" way to skin a "coney". I come here on occasions to renew the "battle cry" and look for "lost" Gore stragglers in need of aid & direction. As for you "freepers", go kiss Jim Robinson's backsides. You get no "sympathy" here. Also I "hear" your "boy" Bush wants to try to be Al Gore now. He is attempting to make a 360 again with global warming just like he did with fuel conservation. Nice to know you voted for an irresponsible "back biter" isn't it? He can't even stay loyal to party anymore because he is too busy being all things to all people while looking for that next photo opportunity. Well he isn't "fooling" us and all he does do is "screw" you. Ask Bushy Boy what a "free-trader" he is when companies like "Life Savers" have to move their operations from Holland, Michigan to Canada because of "sugar" tariffs. Ask Dumbya if he thinks 30% steel tariffs will do anything but hurt US auto workers & fabricators. GW just wants to shut down all of the borders in an "isolationist" attempt to escape the world. China tried that for centuries, most recently under Mao, and they are still so "backward" from it that their citizens & businesses still suffer. well Hoover tried that, and led us straight into a depression so deep that it took a World war to get this nation out of it. While the world moves "forward" this nation sinks back in time to the 1930's. In Europe they can use "stem cells" to cure diseases like Parkinson's & diabetes, but not here because Bush forbids it. The only "genetic" work Bush allows is to make bigger & better "war toys". By the way, I like rabbit meat, and prepared properly it tastes great. I like diversity as does Mr. Gore. Have you ever tried Beefalo, Ostrich or even Gator Tail? Try not being "close-minded" like most Bush supporters, and the world will open its doors to you and roll out the "red" carpet. We are still alive!.....We are not "dead" as some like to think....WE JUST MOVED!..........WE ARE THE AL GORE ARMY!....Just search for Gore on your browser and you will find us....Lost? Disinformed? We can help after we check you out against our lists of known infiltrators...(we use the same methods they use on us, sorry but this is a "war" they started but we aim to finish)...If you are a serious supporter of restoring democracy and the rightful president, Al Gore into the Oval Office then we are here for you!....GO WITH GORE IN 2004!

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), June 04, 2002.

Yes Mr. T and so well put.....like Lazerus we rise from "death" and strike back daily...These guys don't even have a clue....I will see you at the "safe house" Gore Central later.....You may win a few "miniscule" battles of no "value" but WE WILL WIN THE WAR!....So live in a "fool's" paradise & think we are "dead".....all the better for us...

-- Jack Frost (floridasnowman7811@yahoo.com), June 04, 2002.

Yes Jack, and thank you. These "clueless" individuals are the same ones that think on-line media polls "aren't" biased pieces of trash. These Bush-Babies are so stuck on numbers all they can see is the "trees" in the "forest". All the better for those of us who "aren't" rich Internet corporate "hucksters" with the "ethics" of an ENRON CEO. Go back to your conservative boards where Republicans with 6 different E-mail addresses try to create the "illusion" that Bush has a lot of support with "smoke" & "mirrors".

-- Mr. T (workingstiff6198@yahoo.com), June 04, 2002.

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