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I was looking for information on long term storage of foods on the 'web' and found this site. Has anyone else heard of Executive Orders that limit the amount of food,etc that can legally be stored by a family? Each state has it's own laws so you'll have to check for your own state but Hawaii has a law that only allows 1 wk worth of food and any more than that could be confiscated. Unbelievable if true! Let me know if this is true or just another urban legend. Here's the site:

-- Kathy Aldridge (, May 30, 2002


EO's are a scary (IMHO), unconstitutional law that JFK enacted, so he didnt have to ask congress to go to war. Since then, each president has made more EO's. The virually bypass the U.S. Constitution.

-- Stan (, May 30, 2002.

I can't believe it- we work hard, buy & preserve food to provide for our family & friends then the government can literally come in & redistribute to those who spent their days in leisure!! What type of incentive is that for those that do the work & also for the slackers to get off their duffs & provide for their own. I had never heard about this little 'quirck' in the law. I suppose the government doesn't want it too well publicized. Oh Well, I'll just have to find good places to store my items away from govt. eyes. KA

-- Kathy Aldridge (, May 30, 2002.

they way I understand it,, its only "supposed" to be for food horders, buying and stocking type. Not home preservation, since they would have no way inknowing how it was put up. I doubt if they would confiscate those. But if "anyone" said they came to take my stock up, no matter what it was,,,,, can anyone say, waco ??

-- Stan (, May 30, 2002.

Why in the !!!! should they care one way or another if someone is stocking whole roomfuls of food, whether they grew it or bought it at the store? It sounds like legalized theft to me.

-- Uh-uh (, May 30, 2002.

It's part of the powers that Roosevelt vested in the Executive position in the War Powers era. The Model Health Laws trump all of this to an amazing degree. Even the THREAT of terrorism makes all guns illegal in Oklahoma and if you don't follow der kommandants orders immediately they will shoot you and take all of your property for the "good of society."

Draw your line and be prepared to stand. Legal does not mean moral, the Constitution is not in force any longer since on September 14th we have been in a delared National State of Emergency. Don't believe me. Check it out for yourselves.

-- (, May 30, 2002.

Yeah and now that both the FBI & CIA have greater spy powers I don't think anyone is safe from the governments intrusion into our lives no matter how far out we live. I keep having the same dream(nightmare) that army tanks are coming down the single lane road that ends at our place, now I've had this dream for almost 10 mos-way before 9/11 so I didn't originally think anything of it, just my paranoia popping out. Now I wonder if it's some sort of forewarning of things to come. I figure if they try to take what was legally purchased or grown for the preservation/protection of my family, they will have one hell of a fight on their hands. What really made me mad was the issue of water- how can the government charge for rainwater? When did our country turn on it's citizens? Did we just give away our rights piece by piece and not notice what was happening until it was to late to say Stop? I may be older but in some ways that makes me less afraid to stand up for myself & my family.. My father taught me how to hunt when I was 6 yrs old and always told my mother that although I was female that knowledge might come in handy one day- I guess that day may be coming soon. I also read that you can no longer buy larger amounts of ammunition, but again I don't know if it's true or not. Unfortunately, it sounds pretty likely. 'for our own protection' is the new buzz word to make everyone think the government is still looking out for our best interests, maybe in some areas they are but only by taking away our rights in the process of protecting us. Sorry to rant on, I just can't believe the lack of outrage on the part of the majority of citizens; some don't seem to mind losing their rights for some protection but I don't think they realize that once lost they'll never get them back.

-- Kathy Aldridge (, May 30, 2002.

Was surfing, and wanted to ask the question. How many will stand?? Count me in. Now I'm marked, if not before by my training. Good luck to all, and that includes lurkers like myself. Stand or fall, but do it TOGETHER. Strenth is in numbers, like sticks in bundles.

-- Bruce (, June 01, 2002.

First, Executive Orders predate both JFK and FDR. George Washington exercised powers of proclamation, but the first true executive order was probably one issued by Abraham Lincoln; at some point they received numbers, and by the time of Herbert Hoover there were already 5000 of them. They are not unconstitutional as long as they violate neither the constitution nor existing law, and Congress has the power to nullify an Executive Order by writing law covering its scope. Many are obsolete or superseded; most are administrative, dealing with issues of federal bureaucracy, rather than real-world law.

EO 12919, signed by Pres. Clinton, amended several emergency-management "martial law" provisions, including placing regulation of food storage and supplies under the Secretary of Agriculture. The definitions at the end of the legal text indicate that this applies to farms, farm equipment, food processing plants, and the like, rather than personal "hoards". A later 2003 EO by Pres. Bush amends this EO, but does not include the word "food".

By the way, the specific page at Millennium Ark dealing with executive orders and hoarding is here; although it demonstrates some political bias it is informative. It includes examples of Hawaiian state emergency management laws dealing with hoarding.

-- Dan Hartung (, September 07, 2003.

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