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I am searching for the Bowers side of my family in Stanly (Montgomery) county. i got as far as my great great grandparents but I want to go back one more generation to the Civil War. My great grandparents are Alonzo Bowers, born June 20, 1891 and died April 17, 1929. His parents are G.Preston Bowers and Tina Bowers. I would also like to know what the G stands for if possible. Alonzo married Essie Blanche Talbert, born June 18, 1898 and died December 15, 1984. Her parents were Frank Talbert and Ellie Talbert. Alonzo and Essie were married February 19, 1916 in Stanly county. That is all I have so far. But was hoping someone could give me some more info on their parents and if any of the men served in the Civil War.

Thank You, Christine Taylor

-- christine taylor (, May 30, 2002


Could this possibly be the family you are looking for? 1880 Stanly Co. Census Centre Township Household 5 BOWERS, George P. age 25 works on farm wife Albertine 27, Thomas L. 6 son, Georgeann 4 dau, Charley 11/12 son Didn't find them listed in the Stanly Co. marriages.

-- Lina Boyd (, June 11, 2002.

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