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On my thread regarding the Executive Orders & food storage I read Bruce's post regarding standing together. That got me thinking, have any of you talked to your neighbors about this subject? How do you approach them regarding protecting ourselves in the event of an attack/uprising/whatever may come? I live in the woods with only one other neighbor on the road and I don't know them well -they have only been here about 1 yr. Since we're the only two families on a dead end road we'd only have one way in & out but I don't know how to bring up the subject with folks that I only have a passing aquaintance with. Any suggestions?

-- Kathy Aldridge (, June 01, 2002


Kathy, I went through this before you. I was confronted with the possibility of every scenerio, for lack of MID experts. Now, you believe the possible harm are terriorist. Please allow me to relate to you, how my story wound, or unwound. We (I,some) saw a possible threat to our way of life. I stocked food, no easy task for three years, for to stock pile spam and such for a family of sixteen stupids. But I did it, at great costs. And then, when the expected hour rolled around, and God allowed all the electricity to stay on despite all the foolish testimony of the fools before Congress. I discovered, "Jesus, they are more stupid than me". One of our main concerns was water, ya can't exist without it. So I had a manual well drilled, and I had to make a choice at some point, if my neighbors thrist, and I am the only one with with a manual well, who do I shoot? After Great Agony. I made the decision. There is only as much water when the well began, and when it ends. Your neighbor is not your enemy.

-- My Story (, June 01, 2002.

Since when do people stand together?

-- (Who, Me Cynical?@, June 02, 2002.

I hope I didn't give the wrong impression, I was trying to find out how to bring up the subject to the neighbors so we could work together if there ever was a need for it. It's not just terrorism, but floods,earthquakes & wildfires. They are a young couple and I didn't know if others had tried talking to their neighbors about working together for the safety & welfare of all.

-- Kathy Aldridge (, June 02, 2002.

well,, during tornado/hurricane or storm season,, go and talk to them about being prepared for those. Then bring up the topic about working together during a crisis, (such as those). Once you get a miondset for storms and natual occurances, the rest seems to fit into place. Maybe offer to show them how to can deer meat or something instead of freezing it all , in case of long outages.

-- Stan (, June 02, 2002.


If your other post about the government being able to confiscate supplies, I wouldn't tell my neighbors anything. Who do you think would turn you in for stocking up? I will go for 'self sufficiency' and keep my mouth shut.

-- Gayle in KY (, June 03, 2002.

That should have been, "If your other post about the government being able to confiscate supplies IS ACCURATE..."

-- Gayle in KY (, June 03, 2002.

Good Idea about helping them to learn some country skills like canning. I wasn't thinking of telling them what I was storing or such, but figured if they too were prepared then that's one less that I'd need to help out completely if anything happened disaster-wise. Since they're young and I know that young folks in general don't always think about preparadness( I have a 23 yr old son so I know a little of how they think)I was thinking of ways to broach the subject without sounding like another 'parent'. We are quite isolated so having them as allies/friends is better than the opposite. I appreciate the replies, since I'm making strawberry jam today I think I'll invite the wife to visit & see if she's like to learn how. I'm making jerky too, so she could learn two things in one visit. Maybe I could even send home a jar of jam & some jerky for the husband to sample. It might get them interested in continuing if they like the homemade stuff. It's hot here; getting to 93 & tomorrow is supposed to hit 95, not the best days to can but the stuff is ready so I'll just enjoy it that much more this winter. Have a great day, KA

-- Kathy Aldridge (, June 03, 2002.

Howdy y'all! Actually this subject came up just before Y2K. There was information on the official FEMA website that actually outlined how they had the "right" to legally confiscate not only your food, but livestock, seeds, water, car, truck, tractor, home, kids, you.....everything......all in the name of the greater good. Look and see. It may still be up there for all I know. I do remember that when all that crap got passed as a rider on a bill many long years ago, my father nearly had a hemorrage. He pronounced it to be the downfall of America. Know what? Daddy was right. He's not here to see the mess we are getting into now, and it is probably just as well. It would have worried him terribly. I do remember that he had told me not long before he died 9 years ago that sometime in my lifetime he was sure the American people would have to either stand up and push back or just roll over and let them selves be ruled by a police state. I'm afraid Daddy was right on that one too.

As for how to talk to people about preparedness, you might try by mentioning that there might be shortages if there is another attack, and point out the traffic problems the collapsed bridge over the Arkansas River at Webber Falls, OK, has caused. What if someone attacked several major bridges? It would likely disrupt delivery of quite a few items we need daily. Also the idea about the storms is a good one. I would NOT disclose just how much I had put aside, though. Talk about it in kind of an abstract way, and maybe suggest a month of so of supplies. Don't tell them you really have enough food to feed Cox's Army for 6 years!!!! LOL Bye!

-- Green (, June 06, 2002.

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