June 2

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June 2 (if news and discussion are running slow, we may go back to a two week format)

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2002


I noticed one of our campaign signs on 212 eastbound this afternoon, maybe about 1/2 mile before New World Home Cooking. Didn't have a chance to stop and pick it up, won't be back there for quite a while. Could one of you who is in the area there keep an eye out for it? I can pick up any signs at Tobe's party on the 15th. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2002

Agenda for Monday's meeting at West Hurley at 7.

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2002

http://www.onteora.k12.ny.us/boe/06-03-02ag.htm this seesm to be the working URL for the agenda...It appreasd M
-- Anonymous, June 03, 2002

Darn...I couldn't make the board meeting. I'll see paper this morning, but I'm curious if anything intersting happened. Did Marty get booted out of president seat?

See ya

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

Interesting meeting in some respects, and its clear the election has made some real changes...The investigation is all on hold as per board vote, awaiting the new board being fully in place after July 1st. That's the date when Marty will get the boot as President. He didn't show up, so Doan ran the meeting, and I've never seen a more depressed looking person sitting up there...morose and very quiet...No fireworks with one exception, when he went on about Poley Paving...oh yes, and after Rose ranted in public be heard about the group of Woodstock parents meeting together (she wasn't invited)to begin talking about an alternative approach to 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Doan later on tried to get at Hal for daring to meet with these interested parents discussing educational options.

It didn't go very far, although I hear the union is up in arms about all of this...There's a lot about Woodstock and teachers, etc that never surfaces, but would make some interesting conversation at a party or two.


-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

Rose's husband Doug got up to angrily tell Hal that he wanted him to wipe that "smirk" off his face. As he sat down, Rose was pretty much the only one clapping for him. Janet Nelson, who was in good form last night, mused out loud "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Later when Doan asked rhetorically what we should do, throw out all the research the Shaw had done, and Janet popped up with a jolly, insouciant "Just throw it out!" She was sitting there with a large container of striped sunflower seeds that she was shelling and popping into her mouth, and with her height and blondeness, all I could think of was Big Bird (I clearly have spent too many years going to Sesame Place every summer).

Doan was quite glum, and sprinkled quite a number of solitary "No" votes into an otherwise fairly routine number of votes. I expect more of the same for the next meeting. Good turnout of SOS and friends. It was quite a changed atmosphere, Kathy asking intelligent questions and getting thoughtful, polite answers. Didn't need to have medical staff on hand to check peoples' blood pressure. Meeting ended at about 9:40, and I'm sure everyone was home and in their jammies at quite a reasonable hour.

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

Carol-must have been that spell you were weaving...it worked wonders. You'll have to bring that to every meeting!

-- Anonymous, June 04, 2002

I am happy to announce that we have received a check from a contributor which has put us in the black for our finances this year. Whew! It was close although our deficit had been only about $40 and easily made up. ut now we are in the black!

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

Jim, at your leisure, could we have a rough (very rough) rundown of last year's and this year's campaign costs, just so we have a realistic idea of what's involved, for any future campaigns?

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2002

Rick Hochman's running for Sheriff. Daily Freeman and Tim es Herald Record

Can we get little "Hochman Family Election Supporters" stickers for our cars?

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2002

"Paving job at school gets review" Kemble June 13 link

BOICEVILLE - School district officials are reviewing figures used by a contractor to determine whether the proper amount of asphalt was used when resurfacing the Phoenicia Elementary School parking lot. Information about the project and possible litigation is expected to be discussed during the Board of Education reorganization meeting July 8, when trustees will review a May 8 report by T.M. Engineering and Consulting that states the district overpaid $47,728 for work and material.

The study was ordered by the Board of Education earlier this year based on a request from outgoing Trustee Joseph Doan, who asked that his personal findings be verified after stating on several occasions that the asphalt is about 4.5 inches deep instead of the 7.5 inches listed in the specifications.

Doan included the investigation of Poley Paving in a list of complaints against administrators during a 20-minute speech on May 13, but declined to provide supporting information when asked.

Paving company owner Tom Poley said changes in specifications were requested by the district and that the subsurface proved to be satisfactory for less depth.

"When we did the excavation the material underneath was solid bank run gravel, so I didn't see any sense in (removing) 18 inches and just basically putting the same kind of material right back in," he said.

Board members last week assigned Trustee Thomas Rosato, a buildings and grounds superintendent in other districts, to review the finding in the report and whether work was done in conjunction with the recommendations of district engineers.

Contacted for verification of the T.M. Engineering report, Trustee Margaret "Meg" Carey said a preliminary review has indicated that work done by the contractor may have been satisfactory.

"The subsurface may have been better than they thought during estimates," she said. "We may have needed less and gotten more than we had to. If that's the case then this whole thing has been a wild goose chase."

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2002

I'm curious...who hired the "engineers" directing paving company? Was Doan involved in that? I would also like an update on Shaw, who I've been leary of from conception.

Have a great summer everyone. Counting the days til school lets out!

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2002

What did you guys think of Doans letter? He better NOT be right about Poley Paving. The parking lot is as he describes it, but did Poley do something wrong? Enlighten me, please. I thought we got what we paid for...not we got less than we paid for.

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2002

Melissa - The Poley paving project is something of a long paper trail. No can dispute the fact that the grading is inappropriate. But that is not the issue that Doan has been contending. He says that we were to have 7 inches of asphalt on the lot.He did core samples on his own and by an independant engineering firm which confirmed that only 3-4 inches exist.

But there are subsequent documents which indicate that during the project the engineers found the sub-base to be adequate for less asphalt and a change order was made which credited the district for the use of only 3-4 inches of asphalt.

At one point a settlement was offered but Doan rejected it. It would have given the district a long warrenty on the work and the drainage problem may have been able to have been corrected under that agreement. But Doan is insistant that someone or everyone is at fault screwing the taxpayers as usual..... blah, blah, blah...Can you believe his letter? It as if he didn't even recognize the immensity of his loss.

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2002

Remember, he tried to phrase his loss as being a sign that the district was on the right track. Looney.

No agenda up on the BOE web page, I presume the meeting is still at 7 at Woodstock? Joe's last meeting tonight. I have a special t-shirt to wear that will be fitting for the occasion.

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2002

Just heard from Jim Sofranko that there was an addition error in our campaign accounting, and we are short $335 to be even for our expenses...Meg and I will kick in $50...anyone else? Let Jim know at 657-2099...and post it here so we can keep a running tally. Tobe

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2002

We are in dire need of raising money QUICKLY!

A deposit was added twice to the SOS books by accident. Val, our invisible treasurer, feels terrible and is paying the overage for the bounced check we incurred. Please help us out and send whatever you can to help us balance the books. We are overdrafted by $335! Tobe has graciously pledged $50 so we need $285!

Thank you.

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2002

Jim, I'll drop a $50 check off with you this afternoon from us.

Tragic news last night. Onteora ninth grader Kevin O'Connor was killed when an Onteora station wagon driver blacked out and lost control, running off the road and killing Brian as he was working on the lawn of his parents' business, Sheldon Hill Forestry on Route 28 in Shokan. He leaves behind his parents Cindy and Brian, sister Tara (Bennett 5th grade) and brother Troy, who is in pre-school.

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2002

I will make the deposit for the $335 out of my personal account so please make the checks out to me to cover it. Unfortunately the bounced check went to the US Postal Service therefore the urgency. Send please send checks to PO Box 7 West Shokan, NY 12494

If anyone knows how to reach Kathy Shumway please forward the info to me. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2002

Prayers and healing energy to all those reeling from Kevin O'Conner's tragic death.

Jim: Mailing a $50 check today....

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2002

Heard over the weekend that Kathy Shumway is studying in China for the summer.

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2002

Sorry, you weren't home when I dropped the check off and I was out the rest of the day. Do you want to just void that one I wrote and I'll make another out to you personally, Jim?

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2002

Yes please Carol.

Thanks so much to everyone for pitching in. I spoke to Kathy Hochman last night and she will send a check for $185 to cover the balance. That should cover all with $150 from the SOS bbs and her contribution.

Sad and tragic situation in Olive. I spent 2 hours with Paul, the driver, in the hospital in the late afternoon yesterday. His spirit is very low as one can imagine.

It is very difficult knowing both families involved. Both are kind and generous families well respected in the community.

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2002

Thank you for going to see Paul, Jim. I don't know him, but it's an awful position to be in.

And while we're talking compassion, thanks to Neil for being gracious enough to applaud Doan when Marty thanked him at the meeting. I couldn't make myself do it. It was telling that his supporters weren't even there to thank him.

Melissa, I think like many issues, the Poley Paving issue is something we will have to leave to the lawyers to discuss the merits. For whatever reasons, be they legal or procedural, there's a lot that goes on that only the board or the lawyers will know, and they are not inviting the public into the discussion to further muddy the waters.

Perhaps one of the things the new board needs to do is to learn to be more articulate about saying why they are not publicly responding to various issues, and doing so as frequently as possible.I think people will understand better if they know, for example, that it is not board policy to make spontaneous responses to public-be-heard questions. that there are reasons for this, and to spell out the reasons.

Maybe some day we should get together a board of ed communication FAQ to better educate about the process, and also about what exactly are the proper channels [arents or citizens to go through for complaints or submissions of information, so that communication doesn't get lost somewhere in the process and more people are left feeling that what they say isn't heard. Let's think about it, we may want to make a formal request to the board for the information, and need to know what we want to know. What, for example, would be kinds of situations where you need to make formal complaints, and how do you determine whether it should be to a teacher, a principal, a board member, the full board, or Hal? Do complaints get treated differently if they are oral or written? Are there magical words you have to say to make sure a formal complaint is registered, rather than having your letter be just letting off steam?

My feeling is under the circumstances that we have to have some trust in the character of representatives of one side or another, and I can't have the trust in Joe Doan's character that lets me believe anything from him at this point.

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2002

Wendy and Mike have invited all SOS folks to their pre-wedding party...to be held at the upstairs of Mountainside Restaurant in Glenford, on June 28th 4PM on...their wedding will be a small private affair, but their wanted to extend their invitation to all us SOSers. They greatly appreciate our support and caring.

See you there?

Tobe & Meg

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2002

For those attending the Kevin O'Connor funeral, I just got a call from Pat D'Errico that the reception after the burial in Tongore Cemetary will now be at the Legion Hall in Shokan, instead of the locations previously announced. Please spread the word.

-- Anonymous, June 21, 2002

I am currently out of town and was hoping someone could forward the O'Conners address for us to send a card. Thanks in advance.

-- Anonymous, June 21, 2002

Jim, I'm not finding them listed in the phone book, but I'm sure that if you sent it to Brian and Cindy O'Connor, Sheldon Hill Road, Olivebridge 12461 it would get there.

The funeral procession stopped at their store on the way to the cemetary, where the sign out front is surrounded by flower arrangements. Someone let loose a group of white helium balloons, and Brian and Cindy got out of the limo and cut loose a pair from the flowers by the sign. A hawk circled above them as this was going on. Bless little Troy for being the epitome of a four year old, he cranked down the window and exclaimed, "COOOL!!!" at the balloons going up.

Extraordinary turnout for the family, there must have been at least 125 people at the hall for the luncheon afterward. By the end Brian was able to be laughing with his relatives on the porch, but poor Cindy is absolutely sodden with grief, and who can blame her, poor dear.

-- Anonymous, June 22, 2002

Even though I didn't know the O'Connors our family has been deeply saddened. Our thoughts are with them and Paul. Paul's recovery will be difficult. I know that these are two respected families in our community and the tragedy has affected us all.

I have a silly question: Where can I drop off these signs in my trunk?

Hope to see you at next board meeting....

-- Anonymous, June 23, 2002

You could give them to me on the 8th, if nothing else? I don't know that I'll be up in your direction before then, and you probably won't be down here in Olivebridge.

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2002

Thanks Carol for your timely response.

And thanks to everyone for the timely response to the overdraft on the SOS account. I can now say we have covered the expenses and will close the account by month's end. Thank you all for the help and consideration.

BTW-I particularily enjoyed the check wrapped in the soccer standings by, who else, but Curry and the check wrapped in the geographical trail map by Ted and Carol. Thanks again to everyone.

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2002

Just a bragging parent....Jeff graduated from Phoenicia Monday night. The evening was perfect! Jeff was perfect and truley enjoyed the moment. We had a celebration at Al's Restaurant after the ceremony with family, friends and staff. There were many teary joyful eyes. Some staff have known Jeff since Early Intervention.:-)

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2002

Yea Melissa,

Congrats to you, Rick and Jeffrey!

-- Anonymous, June 27, 2002

Hello everyone...We've been away on vacation and unable to respond.

First, I realize you seem to have the bank account situation covered, but if you need some $$ to close out account, let me know. Sorry, I've been unattendtive.

Second, I knew the O'Connor's from a distance, Troy going to the same day care as Derek a year or so ago...Just talking to the Mom briefly, and knowing Paul and his family for such a long time.... A tragedy for all. I wrote a letter to Paul's family and expressed my understanding of the situation (having "blanked out" [from stress] several years ago while driving to work). I know the family pretty well and, besides the gas station, the school and the kids have always been a very dear part of their lives. There is no way that Paul would have put a child in jeopardy. I cannot imagine the pain that would be inflicted by the loss of my child or the pain in knowing that you caused the life of a child.

Thirdly: Melissa, Jeff and the entire Rebock family.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It's always a difficult venture, but you seem to have ALL come through with flying colors... We are contemplating an alternative school for Derek in 7th grade, I will need alot of support and help from Barbara Boyce and the Onteora School District and anyone with insight!!!!!....Kathy????

LASTLY, whats up with the SOS celebration?

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2002

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